Samsung washer error code 8E

Although the 8e error appears not so often in Samsung washing machines that other ones, it can cause many difficulties for the user.

Samsung washing machine error code 8E
Samsung washer error code 8E

When does the 8E error code appear in Samsung washing machines?

The 8e error rarely appears arbitrarily. More often this fault pops up at certain stages of a washing program, showing a particular pattern. For example, it happens when the Samsung washing machine starts washing clothes. So, water is gained, and the drum gradually starts to spin up. Suddenly, the appliance fails. At the same time, the washing machine stops the drum rotation and shows the 8e error on display. But it also happens in another way.

  • A user runs the washing program on the Samsung automatic washing machine.
  • The appliance gains water and produces washing.
  • Next, the washer drains the dirty water, picks up a clean one for rinse and starts rinsing.
  • Further, the spinning stage should follow, but it doesn’t occur. Having spun the drum, the washing machine fails. The 3e error code appears on display.

After rinsing, the machine tries to spin the drum to a more or less required speed. But it doesn’t happen.

If you face the same signs like the above ones, but the display shows another code, remember that the 8e error has analogs with similar decoding. Perhaps, you come across the following codes: 3C, 3E, EA, 3e1, 3e2, 3e3, 3e4, 3c1, 3c2, 3c3, 3c4, 8e1, 8c, 8c1. There are quite many analogs, it’s easy to make mistakes, so be careful.

Error code 8e on Samsung washer without display
Error code 8e on Samsung washer without display

How does the 8e error code appear on Samsung washing machines without a display? If such fault occurs, two 400C lamps and then Bio 600C light up on display. But that’s not all, the indicators denoting the washing programs will start to flash rapidly.

The meaning of the 8E error code

This error indicates problems with tacho sensor, engine, or a vibration sensor. First of all, we will decipher the same errors that occur in some Samsung washer models instead of the 8e fault.

  1. The EA error with code is deciphered precisely like the 3e fault. The point is that this code was typical for older Samsung washing machine models. However, we have already mentioned this above.
  2. The 8e, 8c, 8c1 codes indicate problems with the vibration sensor. Manufacturers install this part in the most modern models of washing machines.
  3. The vibration sensor is a device that allows users to monitor the movement of the drum in different planes. Note that a conventional tacho sensor can control only its speed.
  4. The 8e1 error code indicates a severe malfunction in the engine control. In fact, there is a complete loss of connection with the vibrating sensor or the tachometer sensor.
  5. Well, the errors of the 3C series can appear due to the motor power loss in Samsung washing machines.

Why does the error code appear?

It may seem ridiculous, but such trivial things as overloading the drum with linen can lead to the 8e error code. If a user puts too little laundry, the 8e error may appear during the spin. It happens due to vibration. The code can also symbolize the jamming of the drum due to foreign objects falling between the tank and the drum. It occurs if the engine doesn’t have enough power to overcome the problem. Any of the above errors can pop up due to a short-term failure in the self-diagnosis system. When it occurs, you are lucky enough because there is nothing to repair.

The 8e error can be the result of the complete combustion of the vehicle and a complete break in communication with it. But as a rule, there is a separate error code for this. If there is a vibration sensor instead of the tachometer sensor, a user can face similar troubles related to it. Speaking about the engine, there is not everything good, too.

The tacho sensor or vibrating sensor can give false signals due to the oxidation of the magnetic ring or the motor shaft. Also, the dirt can get between the motor shaft and the tacho sensor ring. With time, it causes the same problems. The attenuation of the signal from the sensor or its periodic disappearance may occur due to the weak attachment of this sensor to the engine. So, all of these facts can also generate the 8e error code.

As you can see, there are quite a few cases of the 8e code and its analogs appearance. So be extremely careful not to confuse anything as it will delay the troubleshooting time.

Eliminating the error causes

How to troubleshoot the 8E error code:

  • In case you put a few things into the washing machine drum of, conversely, overload it, which leads to the 8e error, you will fix it yourself. So, unplug the washing machine from the mains, remove excess items or add more laundry. Then, try to start the washing machine again. It must solve the problem.
  • If there is a foreign object in the tank, which can affect the imbalance of the drum, then you have to remove it. You can do it through the hole for the fan. So, to pull out the heating element, get rid of the front wall of the Samsung washing machine. Having taken out the heating element, put your hand in the hole and find the item on the bottom that causes the error.
  • If there is a temporary malfunction in the washing machine, reset the device by turning it off for 5 minutes from the mains. Then, turn the appliance on again. The 8e error code or a similar one should disappear.
  • In case of the vibration sensor burning out, replace it with a new one. Unscrew the washing machine back and remove the drive belt to avoid interference. Then, remove the wiring from the engine and unscrew it. So, get rid of the old sensor from the motor and put a new one.

To check the malfunction of the part, inspect it with a multimeter.

  • You can fix the breakage of the connection with the vibration sensor by a detailed checking and cleaning this element. It is necessary to carefully clean the inner magnetic ring from the oxide and dirt. It will restore the part. Along with that, inspect the integrity of the sensor supply wire and its contact.

To summarize, note that the 8e error has many analogs that are not always deciphered the same way.

What does 8E mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code 8E appears when the drum cannot reach the desired speed. In most cases, it is caused by a faulty vibration sensor, which in modern models of washing machines, replaces the tachometer. Other reasons: loss of engine power, overload by linen, oxidation of the shaft or magnetic ring of the motor, damage to the control board.

What is 8E in the washing machine Samsung?

8E on the Samsung washing machine display indicates an imbalance. The main reason is a broken or loose mount of the vibration sensor. In other cases, the error is caused by problems with the engine, uneven loading of laundry, oxidation of the shaft, failure of the control module, foreign objects between the drum and the tank.

How do I fix the error 8E on my Samsung washer?

To make error 8E disappear, reduce the amount of laundry in the drum. Make sure that there are no foreign objects in the tank. It may also require repair or replacement of the internal elements of the washing machine: vibration sensor, electric motor, wiring. In rare cases, the installation of new control board is required.

Author: David Hoover