Samsung washer error code Door

The Door error code in Samsung washing machines is associated with the hatch lock device. This error can occur in the next cases:

  1. A user opened the door with excessive force.
  2. The hook of the lock is deformed.
  3. The hatch-door has shifted because of high temperature or pressure. It usually happens during boiling.
Samsung washing machine error code Door
Samsung washer error code Door

Fixing the hatch door

When the Door error occurs, the first thing you can try is to open and close the door. If it doesn’t remove the Door error or the door doesn’t open, check the lock. Perhaps, you will have to change it.

Having opened the door, inspect the lock and the hook. If the hook is deformed, the reason for the Door error is apparent. So, it is quite easy to replace the hook:

  • unscrew the bolts holding two parts of the washing machine door;
  • carefully remove the plastic part;
  • extract the hook and put a new one;
  • assemble the door back.

If necessary, replace the lock, which won’t be difficult. The main thing is to buy an original spare part and execute actions in the specified order:

  1. take a head screwdriver and unscrew the bolts that hold the lock;
  2. using a flat screwdriver, carefully bend the spring of the clamp, which holds the rubber cuff. You can find the needed spring under the elastic band at the bottom. Then, pull out the clamp counter-clockwise;
  3. move the elastic from the lock;
  4. pull out the lock through the drum and remove the cover from it;
  5. remove connectors with wires;
  6. connect the new original lock and assemble everything in the reverse order;
  7. run the test washing to check if the Door error appears.

What does DOOR mean on my Samsung washer?

The Door error indicates that the door of the Samsung washing machine is improperly locked or closed. This occurs when the hook is deformed on the lock, the locking loop is displaced, or foreign objects get into the rubber cuff of the hatch. Sometimes an error is caused by a control module that has burned out due to water or electrical surges.

What is DOOR in the washing machine Samsung?

Door error code occurs when there is a problem with closing/opening the door. A common cause of failure is a broken hook on the lock. Slightly less likely is the displacement of the hatch due to the improper position of the loop. In exceptional cases, the error is due to the mainboard or wiring. Check the door lock for foreign objects

How do I fix the error DOOR on my Samsung washer?

Make sure that the hatch is not blocked by linen and that there are no foreign objects in the rubber cuff. Check the door mechanism. Replace a broken lock or damaged hinges. Inspect the wiring of electronic components. If the control board burns out, solder the resistors and tracks. In extreme cases, install a new control unit.

Author: David Hoover