Samsung washer error code E3

Sometimes the Samsung washing machine suddenly stops after running. It stops spinning the drum and turns on the drain pump. At the same time, the display shows the OE, OF, E3, OC error code.

Samsung washing machine error code E3
Samsung washer error code E3

New Samsung washing machine models issue the 0E error code. The E3 fault, an identical one, occurs in models produced before 2007.

The meaning of the E3 error code

Error code E3 on Samsung washer without display
Error code E3 on Samsung washer without display

The E3 error in Samsung washers means a drum overflow with water. The water level sensor sends a signal indicating that there is too much water in the drum. More precisely, there is more water than required for the selected program. Therefore, the washing machine stops washing. Then the device turns on the drain pump and displays the E3 error code.

The E3 error code indicates overfilling with water. That’s what this error, displayed on the washing machine, means. Although these error codes may indicate incorrect pressure switch readings.

How to detect the fault if the Samsung washing machine is not equipped with a display? Check the indicators on the panel. The 40°C, cold water lamps and all washing modes will flash simultaneously.

The reasons for the Е3 error code in Samsung washing machines

If OF, OC, OE, E3 error occurs, the reason may be in:

  • Incorrect connection of the drain hose to the sewer pipe. As a result, the washing machine is filled with water through this hose;
  • the water filling valve blocking;
  • using of poor-quality washing powder or exceeding its amount per wash cycle;
  • the failure that occurred in the control module.

Quite often, for eliminating the error in Samsung washing machines, users have to call a specialist. It is possible that a severe breakdown has occurred.

What to do with the fault

To solve the problem, you have to know how to troubleshoot the error code. And this directly depends on the reason for the appearance of the E3 indication.

Here’s what you need to do to fix the situation and make the washing machine work right:

  1. If there is a lot of powder in the drum, an abundant foam forms. It enters the pressure switch tube and creates increased pressure. Therefore, the water level sensor starts the draining process. 0C, 0E, E3 code appears on the washer screen. In this case, you need to drain water and remove the laundry. Then, run the rinse mode to clean the drum. Next, start the technique to make sure that the OC error has disappeared.
  2. If the washing machine is not correctly connected to the drain hose, OE, OF, E3 will appear on display. Conducting the correct discharge into the sewer pipe is necessary.
  3. If there is a temporary malfunction in the control module, here’s how to fix it. So, turn off the washing machine and remove the plug from the outlet. Leave the washer for 5 minutes, then turn it on and start the washing process.

If these ways of resetting the error don’t help, then a professional inspection of the washing machine is necessary.

Breakages requiring the help of a specialist

Other severe malfunctions in the Samsung front load washer that also cause errors marked by OS, OE, E3, OF:

  • The sensor of the water level fails. This element needs replacing;
  • The tube and the air chamber of the pressure switch got clogged. It is necessary to clean these elements;
  • Defective control controller. Change the fuse or the entire controller;
  • The filling valve is out of order. This part requires a replacement;
  • Weak contact or break in the wire of the water level sensor. – You have to connect damaged wiring or install a new cable with wires.

You can cope with the E3 error code yourself, first finding out its cause. But often users need the help of a specialist who will eliminate the breakdown.

What does E3 mean on my Samsung washer?

Using error E3, the washing machine reports that the drum is full. This happens when the drain hose is not connected correctly; the inlet valve does not close; the powder forms too much foam. If the water level is normal, but the error does not disappear, then the problem is in the pressure switch or on the mainboard.

What is E3 in the washing machine Samsung?

The error value E3 is the excess of the permissible water level in the drum. The inlet valve is probably open, or the drain hose creates a siphon effect. Another cause may be increased foaming due to improper use of the powder. The error is also caused by problems with the pressure switch and a breakdown of the control module.

How do I fix the error E3 on my Samsung washer?

Try to fix the E3 error by connecting the drain hose to the sewer according to Samsung instructions. If there is a lot of foam in the drum, use less detergent. Other causes require qualified intervention. You may need to install a new circuit board, clean, or replace the pressure switch or intake valve.

Author: David Hoover