Samsung washer error code FE

Sometimes the washing machine issues the FE error and refuses to dry the laundry. In such situations, drying either doesn’t happen, or the washing machine interrupts the process. As a result, the FE, FC codes occur.

Samsung washing machine error code FE
Samsung washer error code FE

The meaning of the FE error code in Samsung washing machines

The FE error in Samsung washing machines indicates a malfunction in the drying fan. It doesn’t rotate. As a result, the drying of clothes stops or even doesn’t begin. Then, the FE error code appears on a screen.

It happens only in the Samsung washing machine models, equipped with the option of drying.

Often it’s impossible to fix the FE fault code without a professional help. It’s better to entrust the work to the qualified master who knows what to do.

Nevertheless, you can try to take some actions that will allow returning the device to the working state.

Error code h1 on Samsung washer without display
Error code h1 on Samsung washer without display (Option 1)
Error code h1 on Samsung washers without display
Error code h1 on Samsung washers without a display (Option 2)

How to remove the fault yourself

If after washing, when the drying starts, the display shows the FE code, the simplest thing you can do is to “reset” the washer:

  • Disconnect the washing machine with the on/off button;
  • Remove the plug from the socket;
  • Wait until the washing machine “rests” for a few minutes;
  • Turn the washer on again and start the drying process.

If the washing machine no longer shows the error, then everything is in order. But if this solution doesn’t remove the malfunction, and the code appears again, then you need professional help.

Breakdowns that require specialist assistance

The FE error code appears on the Samsung washing machines screen in the following cases:

  1. There is a problem with the drying fan. Its impellers can jam because of debris, or the starting capacitor can break down. Also, there might be a belt drive breakage or motor fan winding. The repair depends on the type of failure. You will have to replace the starting capacitor or to install a new belt. In addition, you might need to clean the impeller of debris. When the fan motor burns out, it is necessary to replace this element completely.
  2. The connection in the fan circuit is lost. This happens when the capacitor “went out” of the socket, the capacitor contact with the connector weakened, or there was a break in the wiring of the fan. Change the damaged wires and set in place the jumper capacitor.
  3. The control module is out of order. It may happen due to damage to the processor or radio elements. Replace all damaged parts with new ones.

Only a specialist can solve the problem quickly. The master will perform diagnostics to determine the correct cause of the failure.

What does FE mean on my Samsung washer?

The error code FE indicates that the drying fan is not working. This may be due to wire breakage, impeller blockage, breakdown of the starting capacitor, wear of the drive belt, or damage to the motor winding. In rare cases, a burnt control module provokes an error.

What is FE in the washing machine Samsung?

An FE error on display means that the drying fan does not rotate. It may be blocked by trash. Also, wire breakage or loosening of contacts is not excluded. Among other reasons - the poor condition of the starting capacitor, damage to the drive belt, malfunction of the motor winding, failure of the main module.

How do I fix the error FE on my Samsung washer?

The first way to fix the FE error is to restart the washing machine. If this does not help, you need to restore the wires and contacts of the drying fan, clean the blades, replace the broken starting capacitor. You may need to change the motor winding, drive belt, or control board if they fail.

Author: David Hoover