Samsung washer error code H1

If there are similar problems, not on all Samsung washing machine models display the H1 error. In a number of cases, the HE or HE1 code pops up. Remember that these codes mean the same thing – you have to check the heating element.

Samsung washing machine error code H1
Samsung washer error code H1

In Samsung washing machines, the heating element is located not in the rear of the tank, but in front. It means that you have to remove the front wall along with the control panel. Only then, you will get access to the heating element. Having done this, you will need to find the cause of the H1 error.

  1. Perhaps the reason is that the heating element or the heat sensor have burnt out.
  2. Probably, a short circuit of the cable or one of the supply wires has occurred.
  3. Either the sensor and the heat sensor are in good order, but the overheat protection has triggered.

Important! Each of the above reasons requires inspecting. As soon as you find a breakdown, immediately eliminate it. Only then the washing machine will work without failures.

The heating element has closed or burnt. In some cases, its wire doesn’t connect

Having got rid of the Samsung washing machine front wall, remove the protective cover from the heating. This part places directly under the hatch in a small niche. Pull out the overlay and find two large contracts to which the wires are leading. To begin with, check the wires visually fastening. Inspect it for damages. Perhaps the error is generated precisely by this. Next, take a multimeter and measure the resistance on the contacts and wires. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • remove wires from the contacts of the heating sensor and the temperature sensor;
  • measure the resistance of the heating element contacts. If the multimeter display shows the value of 28-30 Ohm, the heater is in order. If there is 1, then the part has burnt down;
  • measure the resistance on wires. The device should show approximately the same value, as well as at the heating element measurements.

If the device detects a broken wire or a burnt heating element, you should replace the wire. In some cases, you will need to replace the heating element.

Replacement of the heating element

  1. Unscrew the nut that fastens the heating to the tank. You can find it directly in the center between the contacts.
  2. Grab the heating element’s contacts and pull it on yourself. Don’t forget to move it from side to side.
  3. Pull out the old heating element, and then take an old toothbrush and push it into the hole. Clean out the scum and other debris that have accumulated there.
  4. Grease the hole edges with soap and gently insert a new heating element into it.
  5. Connect the wire to the new heat sensor and the heating element. Put the protective cover and assemble the washing machine.

The heat sensor has burnt

In the vast majority of cases, the reason for the H1 error appearing in Samsung washing machines is reduced to damaged wires, contacts, and burnt heating element. But sometimes the heating element is working, the wires are intact, but the error still appears. In this case, the burnt heat sensor can be a possible error cause. The Samsung washing machine has one type of heating sensor – a thermistor. Samsung washing machines manufacturer installs the temperature sensor directly on the heating element. So, do the next:

  • find the heat sensor that looks like a black plastic element with contacts. It places directly on the heating element;
  • measure its resistance using a multimeter;
  • remove wiring from the sensor;
  • gently pull it with a flat screwdriver and get it out;
  • insert a new heat sensor in its place and connect the wires;

After these actions, everything should work fine.

Important! A faulty deactivated thermal sensor should display a value close to 35 kΩ.

Overheating protection has triggered

All modern heating elements are protected against overheating. It works very simply. There is a spiral that passes inside the heating element tubes. This spiral connects the heating element contacts through a low-melting element. It is about the fuse. If the helix overheats, the fuse will melt and interrupt the circuit. But the heating element spiral will be completely protected. When this happens, the H1 error appears on the washing machine’s display.

The problem is that it is impossible to restore such fuses. When they trigger, a user must change the protective part. And here you are probably wondering, “What is the point in saving the heating element if it has to be changed?” Actually, heat can damage other elements of the washing machine system, including the heating elements’ place. But there are heating elements with reusable ceramic fuses. In case of overheating, the fuse breaks off, and the circuit interrupts.

How to restore the fuse and “bring to life” the heating element?

  1. Break off the plastic rivets of the base of the heating element case. Then, disassemble it.
  2. Remove the broken ceramic element, cut it with a saw blade for metal and put it back.
  3. Glue the heating element case with an excellent heat-resistant glue.
  4. Check the resistance with a multimeter. This way, you avoid unpleasant “surprises.”
  5. Install the heating element into place.

Note! In the places on the heating element case where plastic rivets used to be, drill holes and insert small bolts there. Then, tighten the casing with a nut. After that, you will be able to disassemble the heating element if the problem occurs again.

In conclusion, note that the H1 error in Samsung washing machines is quite a frequent phenomenon. Low-quality water, adverse operating conditions, low-quality parts… All these factors contribute to the rapid failure of the heating element and its auxiliary components. Is it possible to find and fix the H1 problem with your own hands? Of course, you can! Just follow the advice of professionals and don’t be afraid of the issues caused by a system error.

What does H1 mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code H1 means the washing machine heats water too quickly. This happens when the heater in 2 minutes is gaining more than 40ºС. It may have burned out or lost contact with the mainboard due to damage to the wires. Also, the temperature sensor could break, or the overheat protection would work.

What is H1 in the washing machine Samsung?

Error H1 appears when the water overheats. The heater works intensively, raising the temperature by more than 40ºС in 2 minutes. A wire break between the heating element and the control module is not ruled out. Other causes of the error: damage to the temperature sensor, damage to the fuse in the heater.

How do I fix the error H1 on my Samsung washer?

Correcting the H1 error will help by replacing the heater or temperature sensor. If a system has worked that protects the heater from overheating, remove the molten ceramic fuse. But first, find out the reason why the protection worked.

Author: David Hoover