Samsung washer error code HE1

The HE1 error in Samsung washing machines is quite a common one. It can appear at any stage of the appliance’s work. There are not so many reasons for this fault. But all the cases represent a significant danger. If the control module stops the technique, issuing this mistake, it saves your device from a severe failure.

Samsung washing machine error code HE1
Samsung washer error code HE1

The meaning of the he1 error in Samsung washing machines

When it comes to Samsung washing machine self-diagnostic system, note the next. Any code starting with the English letter “H” indicates the heating element problems. Subsequent letters and figures specify the type of problem. In our case, the HE1 fault means that the water in the tank heats more than 400°C in 2 minutes. It means that the heating element operates up too quickly. The part does this regardless of the algorithms specified by the washing program.

H1 and HE1 errors occur in two cases:

  • the washing machine almost boils water heating it to 95 degrees;
  • water heats up too quickly (more than 40 degrees for two minutes).

If the self-diagnosis system doesn’t stop water heating in such situation, the heating element will soon bring it to a boil and burn.  As a result, the boiling water will damage delicate laundry that you possibly put in the drum for washing.

The HE1 error embarrasses specialists. So, the heating element is working, there is no breakage, but something makes it work incorrectly. That is why the three-digit codes of the self-diagnosis system of Samsung washing machines are better. These codes transmit information about the breakdown more accurately than two-digit ones. It gives the master the opportunity to save time on troubleshooting.

Possible causes of error

What breakdowns cause the HE1 error? There are two cases of failures: when the temperature sensor fails and when the control board breaks down.

The temperature sensor sends information about the heating element activating. By means of this sensor, the control module can adjust the heating element temperature according to the washing program. If the thermal sensor breaks, the control module can’t control the work of the heating element. By default, after the Samsung washing machine switching, the device starts to warm up to the maximum. The control module doesn’t receive information from the temperature sensor for several minutes. Therefore, the appliance immediately turns off the heating element. The HE1 error appears. The washer’s operation stops.

Samsung washing machines manufacturer installs the temperature sensor directly on the heating element. So, it is not difficult to find it. But your task is to get to the heating element.

The breakdown of temperature sensors in Samsung washing machines is quite common. But sometimes such a sensor is not the reason for the malfunction. So, what is the cause of the error? In this situation, the reason for the failure lies in the control module. If the track or triac running the heating element burns, this also results in the HE1 fault. In fact, the repair of this part is more difficult and expensive.

Malfunction elimination

The heat sensor is impossible to repair. The only solution is to change it. In order to be sure that the part is out of order, check it with a multimeter. Then, provide the complete replacement.

To check and replace the temperature sensor, you need to remove the front wall of the Samsung washing machine. Having reached the heating element, do the following.

  • Disconnect the wire from the temperature sensor, and then pull the part out of the niche.
  • Measure the resistance of the sensor with a special device called a multimeter. If the device shows 0 or 1, throw out the failure temperature sensor and put a new one in its place.
  • Then assemble and check the repaired washing machine.

If the temperature sensor is intact, there is no problem with its wires and supplying contacts, so the matter is in the control module. Specialists recommend not to repair the Samsung washing machine control module yourself. You had better entrust the repair of the electronic part to a professional.

Summarizing, note that the deciphering of the HE1 error in Samsung washing machines is quite easy. But elimination of the breakdowns that the error signals about is difficult.

What does HE1 mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code HE1 indicates the incorrect operation of the heating element. It appears when the water temperature exceeds 95ºС or in 2 minutes increases by more than 40ºС. This occurs in three cases: when the temperature sensor is faulty when the control board breaks, or if contact between them is lost.

What is HE1 in the washing machine Samsung?

Error HE1 on display indicates problems with the heater. It is caused by overheating of the water when the temperature rises too quickly or is constantly kept at a mark above 95 ° C. Most likely: the temperature sensor sends incorrect data to the control module. Less often, the wiring and control board are to blame.

How do I fix the error HE1 on my Samsung washer?

To correct the HE1 error, test the temperature sensor with a multimeter, check the integrity of the wires, and the reliability of the contacts. Instead of a faulty sensor, install a new one. If no problems are found, inspect the control module. It may have burned out and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Author: David Hoover