Samsung washer error code nF

If the device fails, you will receive a notification. For example, the nF error code in Samsung washing machines means no water set. Therefore, further washing becomes impossible.

Samsung washing machine error code nF
Samsung washer error code nF

Some users can’t correctly determine the real cause of the failure or breakdown as they misinterpret it. The value of the nF and 4E codes is equivalent. They mean that the washing machine has malfunctioned in the water supply system.

1. In some older models, the interpretation of the fault codes may differ.

2. Software failure can cause any error. To eliminate the fault’s effects, disconnect the device from the power supply for 10-20 minutes. Then, switch it on again.

The main causes of the nF error code in Samsung washers

If your washing machine issues the nF error code, don’t panic. This code means that the unit doesn’t fixate water flow. The most common reason for its appearance is that the water tap is closed. You need to check the water supply, by opening the tap.

The nF error in Samsung washers can point to another related problem – the lack of water supply. Usually, people are warned about disconnecting the water supply in advance, but sometimes nobody cares. If an error occurs, open the tap in a kitchen or a bathroom and check the water supply.

The water supply hose of the bay may become clogged, and its lumen narrows. Mesh filters can also get clogged. So, there is water that flows from all domestic taps. And only the washing machine doesn’t get it. As a result, the Samsung washing machine notifies a user about the error occurrence. To diagnose and solve the problem quickly, unplug the water supply hose and check its patency.

The following reasons for the occurrence of the nF error in Samsung front load washers are more severe:

  • The filling valve is out of order. These additional costs for the part’s replacement.
  • There is a leakage in the washing machine. As a result, water enters the internal parts of the washer. A user should provide repair works;
  • There is a malfunction in the electrical circuits supplying the electromagnetic flood valves. Therefore, the Samsung washer starts to display the nF error;
  • There is a control module breakdown. It doesn’t see the sensors’ readings or can’t control the fill valves. Thus, further washing becomes impossible. Most often, repair requires a complete replacement of the control module.

The rust in the water supply can lead to the filter mesh clogging. Specialists recommend periodically clean it out the accumulated dirt.

Worst of all, we can’t understand the real reason for the fault. So, we have to check many joints and connections. Some things are easy to correct yourself, using instructions. But when it comes to particular parts, only the authorized services can help you.

If you know the field of electronics and circuitry, you can try to repair the control board yourself.

If the error occurs during spinning! Usually, in this mode, Samsung washing machines don’t need water. And if you see an indication of the above code, then the reason most of all lies in the control electronics.

Another not the rarest reason is the lack of intense pressure. Water seems to come, but the Samsung washing machine doesn’t get enough water. If there is no required pressure, install a pump in the water supply system to increase the pressure.

What does nF mean on my Samsung washer?

Error nF appears if there is not enough water in the drum. The blockage in the filter or a foreign object in the inlet valve may be to blame. Also, interruptions in water supply and poor pressure in the pipeline are not ruled out. If the bay system is in order, it means a leak or problems with the electronics.

What is nF in the washing machine Samsung?

The nF error code indicates that the Samsung washing machine is not filling with water. The causes of the problem: low pressure in the pipeline network, valve breakage, clogged water supply hose, dirty valve in the inlet, blocked filter. This happens a little less because of a malfunction of the electronics and the control module.

How do I fix the error nF on my Samsung washer?

Make sure that the pressure in the water supply is normal - if it is too low, an nF error will appear. Clean the inlet filter, hose, and water inlet valve. If the valve does not work, replace it. Perform a complete diagnosis of the washing machine: there may be a leak or the control board has burned out.

Author: David Hoover