Siemens dishwasher error code e15

Got the E15 error in Siemens dishwasher? So, the self-diagnostics system reacts to the breakdown – a leak.

Siemens dishwasher error code e15
Siemens dishwasher error code e15

Why does Siemens dishwasher give the e15 error

E15 error code on a display indicates the activation of the Aquastop protection system. In this case, the equipment switches off and can beep. The protection system triggers when an overflow or water leakage occurs. You can hear how the drain pump starts to remove water. The control panel doesn’t respond to pressing.

For this you need to check:

  • branch pipes and hoses connections and integrity;
  • correct connection to the water supply system;
  • filters and drain system for blockage;
  • Aquastop sensor for serviceability;
  • water level sensor.

An incorrectly selected detergent can cause the problem. Excess foam formation leads to leakage and error appearance.

How to fix the situation

Exclude the system failure by rebooting the equipment and resetting the error. To do this, disconnect the dishwasher from the network for 10-15 minutes. Then reconnect it. If the code is still on the screen, then start inspecting.

Follow the instruction to find out a leak:

  1. Close the inlet valve.
  2. Disconnect the water supply and drain.
  3. Pull the dishwasher out of a cabinet (if you have a built-in model).
  4. Put a rag on the floor and tilt the dishwasher forward. If water pours out of the tray, then there is a leakage. If not, then there are problems with the contacts or the control module. In this case, it is better to contact a master.

If the problem is in the leak, you need to indicate the fault location as soon as possible. To do this, remove the top and rear panel, connect the dishwasher to water and electricity. Then, start a test run.

Now it remains to observe where water begins to drip. If you find the faulty part, turn off the equipment and start fixing.

How to fix the situation if the metal bunker is leaking? You can try to seal the crack with cold welding. In severe cases, you will have to buy a new equipment.

If the problem refers to the loose hose fastening, tighten the clamps better. If the circulation unit is leaking, completely replace the part.

Timely filter cleaning is a prevention of leakage. When the filter is very clogged, excessive pressure occurs in the nozzles. That is why they tear. Cleaning should be done at least twice per month. How to do it:

  • open the door;
  • pull out the bottom basket;
  • unscrew the filter in the pan;
  • rinse it under the pressure of water.

If you properly care for the dishwasher, then the clogs and leaks will not be terrible. Moreover, the E15 error code of Siemens dishwasher will never bother you.

Check the door latch

If the door is not fixed properly, it will not be able to protect the kitchen from water leakage. Leakage is the most common complaint of Siemens dishwasher users. If the door is locked, check the clamp again to make sure that everything is in order.

Drain pipe clogging

Sewer pipe clogging is one of the reasons for the Siemens dishwasher malfunctions. The E15 error code informs users about this problem. Over time, filters and pipes can become clogged with food particles and other objects that should not enter the plumbing system.

Remove and clean all food traps and filters. Use a plumbing cable to clean the hoses and pipes.

Disposal of garbage

If you have recently installed a new waste disposal unit, it can be a source of problems. The point is that the garbage disposal unit is connected to the dishwasher. The new unit may contain components that block the proper outflow of water from the appliance.

Examine the belt

Some older dishwashers may be equipped with a pump belt drive. If the belt is torn off or worn out over time, the pump that drains water from the dishwasher may work incorrectly. Examine the part for wearing out and stretching marks. Replace the part if necessary.

Check the float

The dishwasher float switch can get stuck. It leads to the situation when water remains inside the appliance between washing processes. Depending on the dishwasher model, it can be a small float, installed in the corner or an X-shaped device, located right at the bottom of the dishwasher. A damaged float requires replacement or repair.

Water level sensor

The reasons for the part failure:

  • wear out;
  • oxidation of the sensor connection;
  • damage to elements.

Choosing a new water level sensor is a very responsible process, since the device of each model of Siemens dishwasher may vary.

Procedure for the replacement:

  1. Disconnect the appliance from the power and water supply.
  2. Remove the back cover of the dishwasher.
  3. Remove the connecting hose, placed under the sensor.
  4. Having removed all the connecting elements, pull out the sensor.
  5. Following the same principle, install a new part.
Author: David Hoover