Siemens dishwasher error code e22

Most cases of the E22 error occurrence fall into the final stage of washing dishes. In minutes before the processes finish, the device first suspends the program or the whole cycle. Then the equipment hangs and issues the E22 error code.

Siemens dishwasher error code e22
Siemens dishwasher error code e22

When does the E22 problem in Siemens dishwashers appear?

Most users face the E22 trouble code in Siemens dishwasher before completing the dishwashing process.

In some situations, after the dishwasher turning off and then returning on, operation resumes. However, after passing through 2-3 programs, the system hangs again. The system error appears on the screen again.

Another common situation is the following:

  • the E22 error fault of Siemens dishwasher occurs when the program starts or in the middle of the cycle;
  • having found out an error, a user stops the cycle, switching off the equipment;
  • after some time, the dishwasher switches on again, and the washing program begins;
  • washing starts but hangs in 15 minutes, issuing the E24 code, another error, on the display.

When the dishwasher restarts, multiple system errors E24 and E22 may appear alternately. In some cases, only the E22 fault stably arises.

Of course, don’t restart and disconnect the Siemens dishwasher many times. Such approach provokes premature failure of the unit.

The meaning of the Е22 error in Siemens dishwashers. Why does it occur?

Having analyzed the instructions by the dishwasher manufacturer, you can note that the E22 error in Siemens technique stands for clogged filters.

The filter grid at the dishwasher bottom or the dustbin is clogged with food residues. A user doesn’t wash off debris off the plates. At the same time, normal water drainage becomes impossible. However, during the problem solving, one can face the following situations:

  • pull out the basket for the dishes;
  • check the grid – and it’s fine;
  • further – remove the filter, but it also does not have accumulated dirt.

In fact, in more than half situations the cause of the E22 error in Siemens dishwashers lies somewhat deeper. So, dirt can accumulate in the distant parts of the device. Thus, the equipment starts issuing the error code.

If you notice the alternate occurrence of the E22 and E24 system errors, the situation can be even more complicated:

  • About 20% of the cases of mistakes alternation relate to the drain hose clogging.
  • The remaining 80% occur due to problems with the pump. Actually, the pump of Siemens dishwashers is much weaker than in the washing machines of this manufacturer.

So, the smallest clogs can cause the appearance of E22 and E24 errors in dishwashers. If they fall into the space between the impeller and the pump hub, the fault codes appear. The good news is that for such a simple reason, eliminating the error will not take more than ten minutes. The main thing is to know the correct order of the work.

How to fix the E22 system error in Siemens dishwasher?

The reasons provoking the E22 error in Siemens dishwashers are quite a lot. Users can understand exactly its cause only with a deep examination. To do this, you need:

  • disconnect the appliance from the mains and shut off the water supply;
  • open the door to remove the cutlery trays and the baskets, designed for the dishes;
  • remove the plastic sprinkler, located on the bottom;
  • unscrew the filter and clean it;
  • remove the strainer and clean it, too;
  • unscrew the fastening bolts and get the pipe. Inspect it for debris;
  • turn the dishwasher upside down;
  • pull out the pallet with the dishwasher units, previously unscrewing the plastic bolts;
  • in the middle of the pallet, you will see a large part with branch pipes, made of plastic. Inside it, you can get the heater. Check the heating element.
  • the pump is attached to the side of the heating block. Unscrew it, but don’t forget to remove the wires previously;
  • check the impeller for rotation and absence of foreign objects. If the rotation is difficult, remove the rotor of the bushing and clean it;
  • then install the pump in place and check the drain hoses for obstructions.

As a result of these actions, the E22 error code disappears. The main thing is to thoroughly clean all the elements of the system.

It is worth noting that the elimination of the E22 system error cause is simpler than its identification. A user can cope with this problem without the help of a specialist.

Author: David Hoover