The causes of the failure of a Siemens dishwasher water inlet valve

Siemens dishwashers need the water inlet valve to supply the right amount of water into the appliance at the right time.

replace Siemens dishwasher inlet valve
replace Siemens dishwasher inlet valve

The operation principle of the valve of Siemens dishwashers

When not used, the valve is closed. When energized, the magnetic field is generated in the valve coil. The field activates the valve stem and retracts it into the coil. Then the protective membrane opens and lets the water flow into the valve opening, then into the dispenser and the Siemens dishwasher basin.

How to check the valve

To check the valve you need to take it off the dishwasher, connect it to the filling hose, and energize each coil one by one. The functioning water inlet valve opens easily. It closes easily as well after. Before checking, make sure you have a container available for the water coming out of the hose.

  • First, check the screen of the valve. If it is clogged, clean it, otherwise the water will not flow into the valve. If you skip this step, the water will dribble into the basin.
  • If the valve doesn’t work, the burned coil may be the thing. It is necessary to check up the resistance with a tester (the reading of 3-4 ohms is normal) to know it for sure. The burned coil is replaceable, if you can get the part from a functioning valve.
  • If the closed valve is leaking, it means that the membrane has failed. It needs replacement.

How to replace the Siemens dishwasher inlet valve

Siemens dishwasher inlet valve
Siemens dishwasher inlet valve

Most types of Siemens dishwashers have the valve at the back at the cover. You need to remove the top cover to get access to the inside parts of the machine.

To replace the valve:

  • Pull out the mains plug, turn off the tap of the cold water supply, and disconnect the inlet hose.
  • Remove the cover and get access to the valve.
  • Disconnect the wire harness.
  • Disconnect the hoses from the valve. Release the old (plastic) clamps. At this point you may replace the clamps with the new ones if you wish.
  • Remove the screws that keep the inlet valve fixed to the housing of the Siemens dishwasher. Some types of the machines have plastic clips.
  • Remove the valve and install a new one in the reverse order.
Author: David Hoover