The Siemens dishwasher does not open

Often you have to deal with the situation when the dishwasher is closed and no longer opens. In such cases, repair is required, otherwise, the dishes will remain locked in the working space.

The Siemens dishwasher does not open

Signs of malfunction, how to identify

Think about whether there were any strange sounds when closing the doors. Perhaps, there were clicks or creaks. Identifying the malfunction is simple – the broken dishwasher will not open the door.

The reason is simple – the locking mechanism is broken. As a rule, due to its wear and tear it is unfit for restoration – it needs to be completely replaced.

Troubleshooting in the Siemens dishwasher

Before you start the repair, you need special tools. Next, you need to buy a lock. It must necessarily be compatible with your dishwasher model. Otherwise, its proper mounting will be impossible. Since the lock parts are not sold separately, you will need a whole new lock.

You will need hex keys, an ordinary screwdriver and a bent one. If you come across a situation when there are nuts in the located in hard-to-reach places, you will also need a ring wrench.

Sequence of steps:

  • Disassemble the dishwasher to access the working compartment;
  • After getting to the hinges, remove them from the seat;
  • After remove the door disassemble it, then disassemble the seat of the lock;
  • Replace the lock with a new one;
  • Assemble the dishwasher in the reverse order;
  • Check the functioning of the door lock without connecting the dishwasher to the power supply network;
  • If there is no problem with locking the door, connect the equipment to the power supply network and check its functioning. Please note: the dishwasher should start after closing.
Author: David Hoover