Vibration of a Samsung washer during spinning

Everyone knows that top-loading washing machines are much quieter than front-loading ones. Why? When the front-loading washing machine drum rotates, the centrifugal force presses against the side walls, swaying the body. So the faster the drum rotates and the more clothes there is inside, the stronger is the effect of centrifugal force and, accordingly, the vibration is more sensitive.

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Vibration of a Samsung washing machine during spinningThis fact could be unimportant if only the vibration had not done a comprehensive harm:

  • it destroys the parts of the machine, gradually causing its breakdown;
  • it is accompanied by a noise and a roar that can be unpleasant not only to the owners, but also to the neighbours;
  • it has a negative effect on the floor and the nearby furniture.

There have been cases when, due to such vibration, glasses and plates fell from the table top, under which it was installed, and broke to pieces.

If the vibration is strong and even accompanied by loud unnatural noises, then it’s time to sound the alarm and see what could cause such a problem. The options are as follows:

  1. the machine is placed on an extremely unstable piece of furniture or flooring;
  2. the machine was loaded with inappropriate items;
  3. forgot to unscrew shipping bolts, but the machine was put into operation;
  4. a foreign object got into the tank of the Samsung washing machine;
  5. the machine was severely damaged or the bearings are completely destroyed;
  6. one of the dampers is broken;
  7. destruction or displacement of the counterweight occurred.

Violations of rules during mounting

Masters are never tired to repeat that the washing machine must be mounted on a level and stable solid surface. It is not necessary that such a surface is perfectly smooth, because small drops can be compensated by adjusting the legs. However, it must be as strong as possible so that it does not bend, swing, or even creak under the weight of an adult man.

When placing a washing machine, you should always have a construction level with you. Put a level on the top cover of your washing machine and look at it every time you adjust the legs of your “home assistant”. It is proved that even small distortions of the body significantly influence in future by increasing the machine vibration during the spin cycle.

Before you start a new washing machine, do not forget to remove the shipping bolts. Otherwise, you not only risk damaging the drum of a new washing machine, you also condemn yourself to listen to the clank and feel a monstrous vibration at the moment when the machine starts to spin the laundry at a speed of over 1000 rotations per minute.

Mistakes during operation

Vibration during spinning can also occur if you use your Samsung washing machine incorrectly.

First, pay attention to how you put the clothes in the drum of the Samsung washing machine. You cannot put together a large number of things or one sizeable item. Dirty laundry should be evenly distributed in the drum, otherwise there will be an imbalance and as a result, a strong vibration.

Secondly, before putting things in the drum, check their pockets so that foreign objects do not get stuck in the tank and do not cause loud sounds and vibrations.

Thirdly, put all things that may possible cause damage to the machine in a laundry bag and only then put them in the drum of the Samsung washing machine. There were cases when metal bra inserts got stuck in the washing machine’s tank and wedged the drum for some time, causing clanging and strong vibration.

Bearings and Dampers

All of the above can be called minor troubles that can be eliminated in a matter of minutes. But it happens that vibration and strong, unnatural sounds during the spin cycle cause a serious breakdown or manufacturing defect. Specifically, we are talking only about two malfunctions: when bearings are broken and dampers are broken.

You can replace the damper yourself. It is enough to remove the back wall of the Samsung washing machine and we will get access to the broken part and its fastenings. For those who do not know, the damper is a detail similar to the shock absorber that performs its functions.

The situation with bearings is much more complicated. To replace them you will have to disassemble the washing machine as a whole, including the tank. The process is not easy.

In conclusion, we note that a slight vibration emanating from the Samsung washing machine during the spin cycle is quite normal. But if the washing machine starts shaking very much, you need to look for the cause of the problem.

Author: David Hoover