Water does not flow into your Siemens dishwasher

It often happens that owners of dishwashers have to face the problem of lack of water in the working compartment. Such a malfunction can occur for a number of reasons. What is more important is that not always water can be supplied even to a fully serviceable unit.

Water does not flow into your Siemens dishwasher
Water does not flow into your Siemens dishwasher

Signs of malfunction, how to identify

Initially, check the water supply to the riser. If it is supplied properly, you need to check the status of working units – a hose, a filter and so on.

As a rule, the problems are as follows:

  • The tap is closed, as a result of which water does not flow;
  • The hose or the filter is clogged;
  • The inlet valve is clogged or broken.

Troubleshooting in the Siemens dishwasher

Before you start the repair, be sure that the inlet tap is open and there is a good head of water in the riser. If everything is good, then the problem is in the hose, filter or valve.

For the repair you will need to have two screwdrivers – a regular one and a bent screwdriver. In addition, you will need a toothpick or an ordinary awl if the problem is a clog. When carrying out cleaning, try to make a minimum of effort, as you risk breaking the filter.

If the problem is the malfunction of the dishwasher components, you will need a similar spare part for replacement. This may be a hose, an inlet valve or a filter. As a rule, all gaskets and other sealing products are supplied complete with the dishwasher.

Sequence of steps:

  • Remove the protective cover and reach the filter/inlet valve;
  • Disassemble them and make sure that they are not clogged. If they are, get rid of foreign clusters with a small screwdriver or a toothpick;
  • • If the problem is of a technical nature, replace the broken nodes with new ones;
  • Mount the parts in a regular place;
  • Assemble and reconnect the dishwasher;
  • Perform a test run.
Author: David Hoover