Whirlpool cabrio washer error code f51

Does your Whirlpool Cabrio washer often display error code f51 and not complete the cycle? Moreover, rebooting and error resetting only help for a short time. Then, the matter is a wrong rotation of the drum. Watch it during the wash process.

Whirlpool cabrio washer error code f51

Why does error f51 appear?

This is a signal of the unsatisfactory operation of the engine rotor sensor responsible for the movement of the drum. It shows that some failure has occurred, wherefore the Rotor Position Sensor (RPS) sends incorrect data to the control board. And the latter gives error code f51.

True to form, resetting and restarting the equipment helps, but then the signal appears again, blocking the operation of the appliance. It happens that in some modes, it does not appear – for example, with delicate washing.

What should be done first?

There are several simple solutions, either of which does not require capital investments – only care and accuracy. Sometimes they are enough to make error f51 disappear forever.

Eliminate technical glitch

Unplug the cord or switch off the power and leave the washing machine for a few minutes. This measure will allow all capacitors of the control board to discharge, and the appliance will begin to work correctly. To make sure of this, carry out a test run.

Take out odd things

If the equipment is overloaded with clothing, it may generate error code f51 and not complete the cycle. That is, the engine rotor cannot normally spin the drum, with the consequence that the sensor sends the corresponding signal to the central module. Unload some of the contents and re-enable the program.

Find and remove a foreign object

To check if there is something between the bottom of the drum and the tank is quite simple. To do this, slightly rotate the empty drum of the disconnected machine. If it rotates tight, this is a sign of blockage. Remove a jammed object and switch on the equipment: error f51 should disappear.

Tighten the bolt

See if the fixturing component under the machine in the lower part of the rotor is loose – a hex bolt in the center of the bottom. To get to it, switch off the empty device by disconnecting it from the mains. Then move it away from the wall and lay it on its side on cardboard sheets laid out beforehand. Then remove the cover, take the 1/4 key, and tighten the loosened bolt at the bottom. This is enough to eliminate quickly error code f51.

Qualified Problem Solving

When none of the above helps, and Whirlpool Cabrio washer still displays error code f51 on the screen, proceed to more serious measures. They will allow you to troubleshoot correctly and resume the operation of the appliance.

Rust deposit

A working drum should rotate smoothly on the shaft. But it gets stuck during corrosion, wherefore the RPS sensor sends a signal to the control board. The reason is the soapy stains, which appear due to excessive amounts of detergent and conditioner. As a result, the capacity loses its ability to rotate uniformly, instigating friction in the drive system and causing error code f51. To identify the problem, you need to:

  • spin the drum manually and see the dignity of rotation;
  • pull it up and down to determine if the technical clearance is sufficient.

If the drum is stuck, rotate with effort and make a rattle, pull it out, examine the shaft and check for corrosion. Remove rust and dirt from it. If the process is irreversible, install a new one. Also, examine bearings, a gasket, and, if necessary, replace them. The cost of the unit in the kit is about $ 105.

Wiring failure

Error f51 may appear due to problems with the cable, wherefore the connection between the motor rotor sensor and the control board is lost. To detect this problem, carry out the following actions:

  • disconnect the washing machine from the wall outlet, water supply, and drainage system;
  • put it on the cardboard backside down;
  • unscrew the bolts, remove the rotor and stator;
  • examine the wiring harness for twists and breaks;
  • fix securely the connectors P5 and P10 of the RPS sensor on the board.

If the contact element has a protective coating, disconnect/connect the sensor 5 – 6 times alternately. It will allow you to tighten the connector into the socket. If visual examination of the wires does not give results, use a multimeter. The optimal resistance at which error code f51 does not appear should be:

  • 31 Ω at point P5 (1-2);
  • 5 kΩ for P10 (6-5, 6-4, 6-3);
  • from 600 Ω to 21.2 kΩ at P10 (1-7).

If these values ​​are exceeded, make sure that the plugs are connected correctly, examine the continuity between all the contacts of the motor control connector of the washing machine (P10), and the motor rotor position sensor. If there is continuity, check the windings; if not, change the lower harness. Also, check continuity of contact between the points of the motor connector (P5) and the drive motor connector. If there is continuity, reinstall the electric motor. If not, renew the cable.

Defective RPS sensor

If error f51 appears due to a breakdown of the rotor position sensor, replace it. It is sold for $ 43 and comes with a belt for about $ 80. The Rotor Position Sensor is located to the left of the three engine harnesses.

Control module damage

Does Whirlpool Cabrio washer generate error code f51 after all the actions performed? Then the turn is for the board that costs almost $ 197. But before changing it, be sure to conduct a diagnostic test and try to restore the contacts by soldering.

Author: David Hoover