Whirlpool cabrio washer error codes uL

Whirlpool cabrio washer error codes uL occurs at the beginning of the mini-cycle for balancing laundry. In this case, the machine emits a continuous sound signal. Another variant of the manifestation of the error is associated with the mechanical part: sometimes the drum rattles loudly or beats against the walls of the body during washing. What is the reason? Assumptions may be several.

What causes the uL error code?

It is mainly associated with improper loading of clothes. Appears if:

  • the washing machine cannot correctly distribute the laundry;
  • weakened or broken pendants;
  • motor stator is damaged;
  • the bearing is scattered or poorly lubricated;
  • the washing machine is not installed correctly.

How to deal with the problem yourself?

First, you can try to find and eliminate by yourself the reason why Whirlpool cabrio washer error codes uL appears on the display.

  1. Let the machine complete the mini-cycle to redistribute the load in the drum. Then the washing machine will automatically continue washing.
  2. Open the door after a beep and manually untangle the laundry. Spread it evenly, remove excess items.
  3. Reboot the equipment. Disconnect from the outlet, let stand for half a minute, and then turn it on again.
  4. Reset the error code uL by pressing the “Pause / Cancel” button.
  5. Look for a foreign object between the drum and the tank. If he gets stuck in it, carefully pull it out.
  6. Check the plastic damper (ring below the revolving mechanism and above the base plate) for cracks or dirt.
  7. Place the machine on a flat and strong base that does not bend due to vibration during the operation of the washer.

When is professional help needed?

When nothing helps and the uL error still appears on the screen, we should proceed to more serious measures. Moreover, some of them require the intervention of qualified craftsmen.

Bearing is damaged

Whirlpool cabrio washer error codes uL displays in the event that the front and rear drum bearings become dirty, dry or crumble. They need to be sorted out, greased or completely changed (price – $ 9 -15 $).

Broken motor stator

Its malfunction automatically leads to an imbalance of the inside of the washer at the time of active rotation. To prevent the error code uL, you need to check it for cracks in the case. If defects are found, install a new stator or motor in the assembly. Its maximum price is $ 325 (it all depends on the model).

Suspension problem

They perform the function of shock absorbers, so if the drum starts to rattle and beat against the outer walls, it means these elements are out of order. The pendants are not repairable and must be replaced, since they must have the same tension on all sides. They are sold in sets of four and cost from $ 35 to $ 70.

Author: David Hoover