Whirlpool cabrio washer F32 error code

When the Whirlpool cabrio washer F32 error code is displayed, the washer drains the water very slowly after washing. As a result, the electronics are triggered and the machine turns off prematurely, completing the cycle.

What is the F32 error related to?

The error refers to the drain system and indicates that:

  • defective pressure switch;
  • contacts are broken;
  • there are problems with the hose;
  • no current is supplied to the relay from the central unit;
  • the wiring in the circuit from the pressure sensor to the controller is damaged.

How to solve the problem on your own?

To fix the error code F32, which indicates problems with the drain, you need to perform simple steps.

  1. Check the hose. The hose may be twisted, squeezed, clogged with garbage or random objects. Remove dirt and straighten it.
  2. Inspect the shaft on the drain pump. Eliminate blockages obstructing rotation.
  3. Make sure that the tank nozzle is not clogged. If necessary, clean the pressure pipe with a stream of water or air.

When do you need qualified help?

If, after all the actions, the Whirlpool cabrio washer F32 error code still appears on the screen, you need to solve the problem radically.

Pump repair

If the pump does not pull it does not pull, then it has an internal defect. Conclusion – it’s time to change the pump motor. It costs about $ 30. But before changing the pump, it is worth it to check whether the obstruction within it.

Contact recovery

Error F32 is sometimes the result of a signal loss between the control board and the pressure switch. In this case, loose connections or loose connectors may be the culprits. Carefully check them at both ends and insert them into the socket normally.

Wire break

Worn from vibration wiring is also a common cause of this code. Chain restoration is performed by the method of twisting. Find a break, connect and insulate the wires. Then Whirlpool cabrio washer F32 error code will cease to display.

Pressure sensor check

Check sensor. If it has become unusable, then it cannot be repaired. The only solution in this case is to replace it. A new unit costs almost $ 70. To cope with the quality of work, entrust it to professionals.

Inspection of the control board

Error code F32 rarely occurs due to a malfunction of the control board. But if he appeared precisely for this reason, then replacing the damaged part will help. The control module costs about $ 277, so you need to think about the feasibility of buying a new washing machine.

Author: David Hoover