Whirlpool duet washer error codes f20

The Whirlpool washing machine used to work properly but then suddenly stopped to fill the tank with water. The display shows an f20 error code. What to do in such a case? The f20 error code informs about a water supply problem.

Whirlpool duet washer error codes f20

How to reset error

  • On the control panel, press the Enable-Disable button. It will reset a program and remove the error.
  • To reset the f20 error code, exclude the program crash of the Whirlpool washer. To do this, de-energize your washing machine for 10-20 minutes, then turn it on back. If the error disappears from the display, the problem is successfully eliminated. If the error code appears on the screen again, proceed to Whirlpool washing machine repairing.

But what if you took all available measures to eliminate the f20 error, but the appliance refuses to work after switching on? It means that you need to check the internal parts of your Whirlpool washer.


When the appliance issues the f20 error code on the screen, it means that the following elements most likely have failed:

  • Flow sensor
  • Inlet valve
  • Control board

But check the water supply before you disassemble your washing machine. You may have turned off water, as a result of which your technique doesn’t turn on. Along with that, the motor is running, but water doesn’t enter the device.

Quite often the tap is turned off in an apartment or a house. In many cases, the water supply hose is turned off in the washer, too. If the tap that supplies water is poorly open, the system doesn’t get the necessary pressure (less than 10 psi). It’s another reason for the f20 error code in the Whirlpool washing machine. Check it and turn the shut-off valve until it locks. Inspect the water supply hose for twists.

Flow sensor

This device controls the amount of water that enters your Whirlpool washer. The water level sensor monitors the amount of water in the tank. This is the main difference between these two parts. In different models, the water flow sensor can be both a separate element and a part of the inlet valve.

How it works:

  1. When water is gained through the inlet valve, it passes through the turbine.
  2. The turbine is equipped with a magnet and switch.
  3. When water passes through the valve, the turbine turns. The number of rotations corresponds to the amount of water.
  4. The built-in magnet passes by the switch with each turn. The switch turns off, sending a signal to the control module.
  5. The board commands the valve to stop the water from gaining the process.

Reasons for sensor failures:

  • The Whirlpool machine is turned on and starts to wash. But due to the lack of water supply or the formation of a blockage in the filling hose, the water doesn’t flow. The turbine doesn’t rotate, and the display shows the error.
  • There is too low pressure (less than 0.2 bar) that doesn’t allow the turbine to rotate with the flow. The electronic controller stops the process.
  • When the control module fails, the device cannot detect problems in the system. In this case, the pressure switch is activated, which, with a sufficient amount of water in a tank, connects a drain pump. A program stops

To sum up: check water quality and inspect the water intake system for blockage. If everything is in order, the flow sensor requires replacement.

Inlet valve

Another reason for no water gaining in the washer is the intake valve issue.

How to fix the problem:

  • Disconnect the filler hose from the Whirlpool washing machine.
  • Check the filter mesh for a blockage.
  • Rinse it under the tap.

Control board

The reasons for the board malfunction include a short circuit, burnt out triggers and capacitors, failure of resistors. Soldering iron handling skills and electrical engineering skills are required in repairing controller components.

The control unit is the main and the most expensive part of the Whirlpool washer. Therefore, in order not to damage it, even more, we recommend contacting the service center.

What does the washer signal mean?Possible damage to the washing machineWhat to choose? Replacement or repair?
The Whirlpool appliance gains water slowly, the motor is working.It’s impossible to gain water as the inlet valve, responsible for this process, is out of order.
It may not work because the control unit is faulty. Sometimes, it refuses to open, and then water slowly seeps. So it’s difficult to gain water at full power.
Replacing the water supply inlet valve is necessary.
The washing machine doesn’t gain water at all; water doesn’t enter the device.The water level switch is broken; it can simply burn or wear out.Cleaning the water level switch is required. If the a20 error code doesn’t disappear, you need to replace the water level sensor.
The f20 error code doesn’t disappear; water doesn’t enter the washer.The control unit in the electronic controller form has failed. There are all chips located, allowing them to control the washing machine operation.If replacing a relay or a burnt-out triac doesn’t resolve the error code, you should change the electronic controller.
Author: David Hoover