Whirlpool duet washer f35 error code

The F35 error code in the Whirlpool washer indicates some problems with the water level pressure switch. This sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of water in the tank. It is located in an upper part of the appliance because it works due to the effects of air pressure. The more the tank is filled, the higher the pressure becomes.

Whirlpool duet washer f35 error

The level sensor signals the control module that it is time to fill the tank with water. In some cases, the tank is already full. Depending on the number of programs on your Whirlpool washer, the pressure switch regulates the amount of water for each mode.

The meaning: signs of the water level pressure switch failure

Before troubleshooting and replacing the sensor, pay attention to signs of the breakdown:

  • The Whirlpool washer gains too much or too little water needed for washing.
  • The device doesn’t drain water completely.
  • Rinse or Spin mode does not work.
  • The heating element starts to work because the device considers that the tank is full.
  • The F35 error code appears on the washer’s display.

Be careful! If you don’t fix the damage time, it can lead to heating element burning and the danger of fire.

DIY repair

To reset the F35 error, unplug your Whirlpool washing machine for 10–20 minutes. Look at the display: does the malfunction code appear again? If it doesn’t help and the F35 error appears again,  you need to provide repair work.

Check and replace the sensor

To get to the water level pressure switch, complete the next steps:

  1. Disconnect the washer from communications and voltage.
  2. Remove the top cover of the appliance.
  3. Remove the bolts holding the water level pressure switch.
  4. Remove the hose clamp and disconnect the hose.
  5. Before removing the connectors, take pictures of their location (it will help you to install them correctly later).
  6. Disconnect the wires.
  7. Inspect and clean the water level pressure switch hose.

Having pulled out the part, inspect it. Install a short tube and blow into it to create pressure. The serviceable water level pressure switch will click from one to three times.

Use a multimeter to provide additional testing. Set it to the resistance measurement mode and attach probes to the contacts. Blow into the tube. If the tester registers contact closure, then the device is in order. Install a new sensor in the reverse order.

Connectors and wiring

What could a breakdown of the wiring mean? It can inform that the electronic module doesn’t receive a signal from the pressure switch (and vice versa). Consequently, washing does not start.

Inspect and tighten the connections between the control unit and the water level pressure switch. If you find defective wires, replace them.

Control module

The module fails less often, but the probability of a breakage still exists. Due to sudden voltage surges or moisture ingress, board elements get spoiled and burn out. You can repair the rupture by soldering new components and smoothing out the tracks.

How to replace the control unit:

  • Unplug your Whirlpool washing machine and remove the top cover.
  • Remove connectors that lead to the unit.
  • Unclip the module cover latches and unclip it.
  • Disconnect the remaining connectors.
  • Remove the screw on the back of the unit.
  • Slide and pull out the module.
  • To install a new device, perform the same actions.

Now you can assemble your Whirlpool washer, run the program and check its operation. If the system no longer displays the F35 error code, it means that you have successfully eliminated the problem.

Author: David Hoover