Whirlpool washer error code DE

The Whirlpool appliance, as all modern washing machines, has a self-diagnosis system. Due to this development, the washer shows up breakdowns at their very early stage. If the Whirlpool washer displays the de error code on display, so there are problems with a door. How to detect the problem: the appliance starts washing but can’t lock the hatch.

Whirlpool washer error code de
Whirlpool washer error code de

Manual Review

To confirm the problem (perhaps, it’s just software crashing, not a breakage), do the following:

  • Unplug the Whirlpool washing machine from the mains.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes while the control unit reboots.
  • Reset the error by pressing the START button (On/Off).
  • Check hatch locking.

What if the Whirlpool washer doesn’t start working and doesn’t block hatch when a user launches it? If the de error appears on a screen along with that, you need to disassemble the appliance partially. It will help you to eliminate the problem.

As a rule, the appearance of the de error code implies the following repair works:

  • Hatch locking device replacement.
  • Repair or replacement of the control board.
  • Checking and possible replacement of the wiring leading to the hatch locking device.

How to eliminate the de error and and lock the Whirlpool washer

To lock the hatch of the Whirlpool washer and remove the annoying error, you have to figure out what has provoked the failure.

This breakdown is not typical for the Whirlpool brand, but everything happens for the first time.

A guide breakage causes the malfunction. If this element is plastic, it risks breaking at any time. You can find the part under the locking tab and check it.

A slight curvature of the hatch may accompany breakage of the guide. It’s not complicated to solve the problem – all you need is to replace the part. Using the appliance next time, close the hatch door more carefully.

In some Whirlpool washer models, this problem can be caused by rickety fixing. When the element is bent, it cannot get into the lock slot. Therefore, the hatch doesn’t close.

The fallen out rod, on which the reed keeps, is a reason for the breakage. To get it back in place, you need to disassemble the hatch. We will describe it step-by-step below showing you how to change the rod.

The hatch is closed but doesn’t lock

In this case, washing doesn’t start although nothing interferes it. Also, the de error code washer Whirlpool appears on display. If the hatch is not blocked, the appliance never starts washing process.

It’s not complicated to replace the hatch locking device of the Whirlpool washing machine. Watch the video to figure out how to do it:

Hatch handle breakage

The handle is an important mechanism, responsible for both opening and closing a door of the washer. Of course, it can break over time. Sometimes manufacturers of Whirlpool washing machines are not guilty of a problem. The point is that the handle might wear out due to negligent using.

The handle requires replacement. Don’t even try to glue it or rewind with a tape.

To replace the handle without the help of a specialist, remove and disassemble a door. The disassembly method given below is not universal, as the door designs of Whirlpool washers differentiate. But usually the replacement of the handle occurs according to the next instruction:

  1. Remove the hatch.
  2. Put it on a floor and unscrew the fasteners.
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver pry the edges of the hatch around the perimeter.
  4. Remove the glass (make sure you remember its location.) Turn over the hatch and push through the metal rod with a thin screwdriver.
  5. Turn the hatch and use pliers to pull the rod out.
  6. Take a new detail and install it.

If you complete the guidance right, you won’t see the de error code washer Whirlpool on the screen again. So, the Whirlpool washer repair is successful!

Author: David Hoover