Whirlpool washer error code F3 E1

F3 E1 error code Whirlpool washer appears on the screen when the control board cannot detect the water level to continue the program. Having appeared once, this signal constantly appears after the washing machine is turned on and sometimes blocks it during operation. As a result, the machine will not start until the underlying problem is fixed.

Whirlpool washer error code F3 E1

What does the F3 E1 error mean?

Error code F03 E01 is a system designation for a problem with determining the water level. The first letter with numbers indicates a sensor malfunction; the second indicates a specific area of ​​damage. In particular, problems can be associated with both the central board and other elements:

• sensor for determining the water level;
• hose;
• branch pipe;

What should be done?

It is necessary to determine whether the F3 E1 error code is associated with a temporary failure or breakdown. A temporary failure is very rare, but to avoid this, restart the technique:

1) disconnect from the mains;
2) let stand 15 minutes;
3) connect to the power supply.

Then start washing and observe if error F3 E1 appears. If it disappears, then the electronic failure is to blame. If not, proceed to a major inspection of the machine.

How to fix the error

First of all, pay attention to the pressure switch hose and the air trap tube. They are often the source of the problem, as the dirty liquid leaves deposits on the walls, narrowing or plugging the gap. In the end, inspect the control board because it also causes the F3 E1 error code.

Pressure sensor malfunction

This sensor controls the tank’s water volume, protects the heating element from overheating, and gives a signal to start the drain pump. It consists of several parts, each of which is a potential “threat” to the relay’s normal operation.

Whirlpool washing machine water level sensor (pressure sensor) hose

In the first step, check the water level pressure hose located between the pressure switch and the air trap. It can be twisted, pinched, bent, clogged, depressurized, which is why the F03 E01 error occurs.

To fix the problem, you need to check if the flexible tube is correctly placed inside the washing machine’s body, whether it has punctures or pinches. After visual inspection, disconnect it from the pressure transducer and blow it out, removing blockages. Make sure there is no foam or water trapped in it. If, after all the actions, the washer starts up normally and does not interrupt the cycle, then the problem is solved. If the Whirlpool washer shows the F3 E1 error code again, replace the pressure hose with a new one to make sure it is innocent.

Water level sensor (pressure sensor) of Whirlpool washer

Another reason for the problem is a malfunction of the water level sensor itself. It is located at the top rear of the case on the right side. But in different models of Whirlpool washing machines, it can be located in another place. Externally, the sensor is round, about 5-7 cm in diameter, which has a nozzle to which a thin hose is connected. You can get to it by removing the back wall and the cover of the unit.

The relay is checked with a voltmeter set to a constant current. The black probe is connected to the PS8 board connector, pin 8 (GND), the red one – to PS8, pin 4. In the presence of +5 V DC, the pressure sensor is changed.

The price of a new sensor usually ranges from $ 20 to $ 30.

Clogged air trap pipe

This is the second thing that you should pay attention to since calcareous and fatty deposits are often deposited inside the connecting pipe, which falls from under the drain grate. It can also become clogged with soapy foam and leaked moisture, triggering the F03 E01 error code.

When clogged, the pipe does not correctly catch air, so it presses on the pressure switch. As a result, it detects the wrong amount of water in the tank, which sends a signal to the main control board. The solution is to unclog the tube with careful removal of blockages.

Damaged wiring

Damaged Whirlpool Washer Wiring

It is a common reason that the F3 E1 error appears on the screen. In this case, the signal appears periodically, disappearing indefinitely. This is due to the harness’s chafing in the section between the pressure switch and the control module. Such a defect is possible due to the vibration of the washing machine during operation.

Check the wiring with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, strip, twist, insulate the broken ends, or replace the ribbon cable. Also, ensure that the water control sensor connector is fully inserted into the center unit and that the pressure sensor harness is securely connected.

Breakdown of the control unit

Whirlpool washer control unit malfunction

The mainboard is checked last when no other measure has helped. In this case, the Whirlpool washer displays the F3 E1 error code either immediately after turning on the device or during the program’s execution.

The electronic board monitors all the functions of the washing machine, including the filling of the tank. Therefore, if the elements that are responsible for the water level switch are damaged, they should be re-soldered. The entire block that cannot be restored is replaced. Its cost is $ 270.

Author: David Hoover