Your Bosch washer rattles and jumps while spinning

If your Bosch washing machine rattles during the spin cycle, this does not mean that your “home helpmate” has served its time. Such symptoms may even appear in the new generation washing machines which have not “really seen dirty clothes”.

If the washing machine rattles and jumps heavily, you may have two problems, which, by the way, may not be related to each other. It may make sense to consider separately the strong vibration and active movement of the washing machine body and other noises. Let’s start with the “jumping effect”.

Why is the body jumping?

In some cases, even completely serviceable Bosch washing machines can move 30-50 cm to the right or left during one washing cycle. In fact, this “behavior” of the washing machine cannot be ignored. By moving to the side the body of the washing machine can damage interior items, besides drain and filling hoses can come off.

Why is the washing machine not standing still? Most likely, the problem is in the surface on which it stands. Perhaps the body was mounted without proper leveling and the surface of the floor has ups and downs or a tilt. It may be that the washing machine is standing on a shaky and unreliable floor. Try to firmly strengthen the surface under the body of the washing machine. Place your washing machine strictly horizontally using a builder’s level.

Leveling of the “home helpmate” is done by twisting its legs.

In some Bosh narrow-body washing machines the manufacturer deliberately reduced the size and weight of counterweights. This was done in order to fit the necessary parts into a smaller body. As a result, the mass of the washing machine was reduced, which inevitably led to a decrease in stability. You will not be able to do anything with this, but if you strengthen the floor and level the body, the negative effects of centrifugal force can be reduced.

Why does the Bosch washing machine rattle?

If the Bosch washing machine produces some unwanted noise, the cause can be difficult to determine. The case is not similar to vibration, as here there are more reasons.

Possible reasons:

  1. The shipping bolts that hold the drum in a static position when transporting the washing machine were not removed. A similar malfunction occurs when the machine is mounted not by a specialist. The installer just forgets to remove these bolts. That is why your washing machine works with a terrible rattling. Removing the bolts will solve the problem.
  2. A metal object got into the washing machine’s tank. The object must be large enough, for example, a five-ruble coin, a key, a key-ring or something similar. When the drum rotates, the object jams between the metal and plastic wall. The washing machine makes noises, emits a metal grating sound. Probably you will need to partially disassemble the washing machine. We’ll have to remove the heating element and to pull out a foreign object through the hole formed.
  3. The bearings are broken. This problem occurs very often in old Bosch washing machines. When the bearing is damaged, there is a strong backlash and vibration of the drum. It is rather difficult to eliminate this malfunction on your own, you need to contact a specialist.
  4. Top or side balances are loose. Such a malfunction can occur quite often in Bosch washing machines that have worked for 5-7 years. Due to constant vibration even the most powerful mounts are destroyed which leads to strong dangling of counterweights. Solution: you need to remove the top cover and the back panel of the washing machine and tighten loosen bolts
  5. .You have a defective damper or it becomes damaged over time. Dampers, like other parts of a Bosch washing machine, are subject to wear. Broken damper can be replaced by yourself, but it is better to call a professional.

In conclusion, let us mention that if your Bosch washing machine began to rattle and jump, do not disregard it. Stop operating your “home helpmate” immediately and start searching for a breakdown.

Author: David Hoover