Siemens dishwasher does not drain

Experience shows that there are two types of reasons why the Siemens dishwasher does not drain water. The first reason is that the drain hose is clogged or bent. You can handle this problem yourself. The second reason is a more serious malfunction. It is associated with the failure of various components and dishwasher elements. In this case, it is desirable to seek the help of professionals.

Your Siemens dishwasher does not drain
Your Siemens dishwasher does not drain

The main causes of malfunction and methods for their elimination

  • The drain hose is bent. In the case of a bent hose, water cannot flow anywhere. Try to gently unbend the drain hose so as not to break it. Connect the dishwasher to the network and try to start the drain mode.
  • The dishwasher drain system is clogged. Food leftovers, thick napkins, toothpicks, and other debris can clog the filter and form a blockage. Mostly such blockages are formed in the area of the drain hose connected to the sewage system. You can solve this problem by yourself. To do this, you need to prepare a container for draining the water and enable the appropriate mode. If the water flows with a powerful pressure, then the blockage in the area of the connection of the drain hose with the sewage system itself resolved. If the water is still flowing in a small trickle, then the hose is cleared up itself. Remove it and clean with strong water pressure.
  • The dishwasher filter is clogged. All major manufacturers of washing household appliances recommend rinsing dishes before loading it into the machine. But, as a rule, most of the owners of equipment simply do not pay any attention to this. That is why the filter is so often clogged with various debris. The filter itself is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. You need to gently unscrew it, clean out all food leftovers and other debris.
  • The dishwasher drain pump clogged. It is also a common malfunction. If it is possible to remove the pump yourself, then the problem can be solved by removing extraneous inclusions. To do this, you need to: loosen the screws (remove fasteners), remove the pump, remove debris and put the pump back.

Important to remember! All work should be carried out only when the dishwasher is turned off from the network. Since glass fragments are often caught in the garbage, it is advisable to work in gloves.

After cleaning all the filters and hoses of your Siemens dishwasher, you can plug it in and start. If the water still does not drain, then this means that the problem is more serious and can be solved by calling a specialist.

Author: David Hoover