Siemens dishwasher does not heat water

If you see that after washing your dishes remain cold, dirty and wet, this means that hot water does not circulate in the system or your dishwasher does not heat it up well enough.

Siemens dishwasher does not heat water
Siemens dishwasher does not heat water

Signs of malfunction, how to identify?

Pay attention to the temperature and condition of the dishes. If they are dried but dirty and cold, your dishwasher needs repair. The water temperature is not high enough.

There are three reasons why the water is not heated up properly:

  • heating element is broken;
  • temperature sensor does not work properly;
  • control unit does not work.

Troubleshooting in the Siemens dishwasher

Before starting repair, you must carefully inspect the dishes and also try to turn on the dishwasher without the dishes loaded. Take all the tools you need for disassembly, as well as buy new spare parts that need to be mounted instead of the broken ones.

Depending on the nature of the breakdown, you will need to purchase a heating element, a temperature sensor or a control unit. All listed parts must be compatible with your equipment.

You will need a screw wrench and a simple/bent screwdriver. In some places, the nuts are located in hard-to-reach places, so you won’t be able to proceed without a ring wrench in this case.

The repair is carried out as follows:

  • Remove the cover of the dishwasher;
  • Determine the condition of the broken node. It may still be repaired;
  • Repair or replace it;
  • Assemble the dishwasher in the reverse order of disassembly;
  • Test the equipment without loading the dishes.
Author: David Hoover