Bosch washer error code e17

If you find that your Bosch washing machine refuses to start any washing program and issues the e17 error code, continue reading. Now you’ll find out what has caused the problem. And moreover, we’ll tell how to fix the breakage without damaging the technology.

Bosch washing machine error code e17

If the Bosch washing machine refused to start the wash program, and the error code e17 appears on display, then this means that there is a problem with the water filling.

Error e17: description

Error E17 means that there is no water supply to the tub, due to which the process of washing the laundry cannot start. On some models of washing machines, this problem is indicated by the code F17.

On washing machines without a display, this error is indicated by two illuminated indicators: spin for 1000 revolutions and a rinse indicator.

The reasons that cause the error to appear:

  • breakage of the bay valve;
  • malfunction of the water pressure sensor;
  • problems with the control module;
  • the wiring between the listed parts is broken.

These elements of the washing machine should be checked in the order as we have listed them. The likelihood of valve breakage when this code appears is the highest. However, before all planned repairs, it is worth checking any water in the water supply. The water supply tap, which is located at the point where the hose is connected to the water supply system, may be turned off.

How do fix this error?

In most cases, this problem can be fixed on your own without resorting to professionals’ help. But still, there are times when it is difficult to carry out repairs on your own, and in this case, you can always contact the service center.

Water inlet valve

Replacing the water supply valve in the Bosch washing machine

After making sure there is water in the plumbing, start checking the parts step by step. The filling valve is to blame if the water collection did not start when you started one of the washing modes, or there is no water filling already at the rinsing stage.

How to clean the filter of the water inlet valve in a Bosch washing machine

Disconnect the Bosch washing machine from the mains, turn off the water supply. Next, unscrew the hose through which the water flows in the washing machine. In the place where you unscrewed the hose, in the inside of the nozzle, there is a special mesh filter of the filler valve. Small particles may clog the filter. Take it out and rinse it under running water, and put it back in.

Next, you need to check the valve itself:

  • remove the top cover on the washing machine;
  • take a multimeter and measure the resistance of the valve coil;
  • Along the way, check the valve wire contacts and the wires themselves.

In the event of a breakdown, it is impractical to repair the part; you need to purchase a new one and put it in place of the faulty one. To do this, you need to disconnect all the tubes that are attached with clamps, as well as the wires. When purchasing a new filler valve, at the same time, buy new clamps for connecting the pipes.

Water pressure sensor

If the water inlet valve does not cause the E17 error in the Bosch washing machine, then without closing the machine’s lid, proceed to check the water level sensor. Usually, the pressure sensor is to blame for the error if there was a bay of water, and then the code E17 appears on display. The pressure switch in the washing machine is located opposite the filler valve in the right corner. Inspect the tube suitable for it, check the connected wires’ contacts, and then the sensor itself. In the event of a malfunction, this part is also not repaired but replaced.

Repair of the control module

And finally, as a last resort, it is worth turning to the control module. On washing machines of this brand, completely maintainable control modules are installed. As noted by the masters, it is easier to repair them than, for example, modules from Electrolux or Samsung machines. The central board is to blame for the E17 error code when it appears immediately after turning on the Bosch washing machine.

Bosch washing control board schematic

Below is a diagram of one of the modules on which we have designated two triacs responsible for the filling valve. In addition to these elements’ serviceability, it is also worth checking the water level sensor’s connection contacts. But it is better to entrust the module’s repair to a specialist, especially if you don’t know how to handle it with a multimeter, not to mention complex electronics. A module for a Bosch washing machine is a rather expensive part; you should not experiment without knowledge in this area.

Thus, the Bosch washing machine’s appearance of the e17 error associated with water filling can be caused by various reasons, from the user’s carelessness to the electronic module’s malfunction. And it depends on whether you can fix it yourself or not.

Good luck!

Video: How to replace the water supply valve in a Bosch washing machine

Author: David Hoover