Bosch washer error code e43

Once again when running the washing program, the E43 code appears on the display of your Bosch washing machine. This alphanumeric combination indicates problems with the engine, tachosensor, or tank lock.

Bosch washing machine error code e43
Bosch washer error code e43

What you need to check first

Before dismantling the device to check the internal components. Inspect whether the tank is blocked. There might be a foreign object that stuck during washing. To do this, manually spin the tank of the washing unit. If the tank rotates freely, then the reason is not there.

The washing machine can be overloaded with laundry. So, the motor can not perform washing or spinning. To eliminate the fault, it is necessary to lay out extra clothes. Be sure not to exceed the load norm in the future.

The tank can not rotate because of the bearing, which finally failed. The part cannot cope with its functions.

Root Causes For the E43 Error Code In Bosch Washing Machine

If nothing hinders the free rotation of the drum, disconnect the machine from the mains and from the water supply. Next, proceed to the diagnosis of other possible causes of failure. This step requires such tools as a screwdriver and a multimeter.

  1. Remove the rear panel by removing a few screws. After this, the engine of the unit will appear to your attention. It is at the very bottom.
  2. Inspect if the belt fell off the pulley or motor shaft.
  3. If the problem is not in the belt, remove it. Remove the screws for securing the motor, and disconnect the connectors.
  4. Check the brushes. The wear and tear of these components that often leads to problems. Each brush should be more than 1 cm. Faulty brushes have to be replaced.
  5. Examine the connectors.
  6. Test the wires.

Check the condition of the winding

If there is nothing wrong with the “heart” of the appliance, the problem may be in a small device called a tachosensor. This component is installed directly on the motor. It registers the number of revolutions. The readings are transmitted to the electronic module. If the part fails, the drum rotates too often or does not rotate at all. So, it can cause the E43 error code appearance in Bosch washing machine. Replace the defective tachosensor with a new one.

Sometimes, after repairing the failed part of the mechanism, the error code still continues to appear. The service test will help to reset it. To start a service test close the door of the hatch and to press a certain sequence of buttons. Along with this, use the rotary knob. Each model of the Bosch washing machine has its own.

Author: David Hoover