Bosch washer error code e29

What if your washing machine displays the e29 error code? It usually means that there is a problem with the water supply to the device.

Bosch washing machine error codes e29
Bosch washer error codes e29

Reasons for the e29 error in the Bosch washing machine

According to experts, the reasons for the e29 error can be:

  1. The water supply hose to the washing machine is twisted or clogged.
  2. The water filter in the washing machine is clogged.
  3. Low water pressure in the plumbing.
  4. Pressure switch
  5. Aquastop failure.

The first thing to do is to check the water pressure in the tap. If the pressure is normal, check the water supply hose to the washing machine. It clogs very rarely, but you might have squeezed it. Perhaps, it’s the reason for the e29 error code in the Bosch washing machine.

If the reasons given above are normal, it is now worthwhile to unscrew the water supply hose. Check the filter mesh at the entrance to the washing machine. Sometimes the quality of water leaves much to be desired. Besides, there can be some rust. Removing and cleaning the mesh won’t be a problem.

The pressure switch malfunction. Most likely, the problem is not related to the sensor. But there is a blockage of the membrane due to pressure in the pressure switch. To inspect this, you need to remove the top panel. Then, find a round sensor to which several wires and a thin hose are connected. Disconnect this hose from the sensor, and then reconnect. Some experts gently tap on the pressure switch so that the membrane returns to its normal position. But be very careful! Thus, you will be sure that the pressure switch itself did not block the hose’s pressure.

If your washing machine has the aqua-stop system, usually the e29 error code doesn’t show problems related to it. Yet, to understand its work’s specifics and check it, read the article about the Bosch washer error code e12.

How to fix error e29?

Сlogged sensor filter

Author: David Hoover