Samsung washer error code U6

When the Samsung washing machine displays a U6 error, it means the drum is out of balance during a cycle. It would be more accurate to say that there is no U6 error code among the Samsung codes (at the moment of writing this article !!!). This is a common Ub error code.

For some reason, many users confuse the b letter with 6. Some sites describe the error as “the water level sensor error.” Still, neither manuals nor the official website of the manufacturer describes this error code.

Error code U6 on Samsung washer without display
Error code U6 on Samsung washer without display

Error U6: description

As a rule, a modern Samsung washing machine will try to balance the load. If this does not work, it will forcibly stop the washing cycle and will turn off. Or it will display the U6 error code. Also, it may pause rotating and display the U6 error. Anyway, the clothes will remain wet. The washer may rotate slowly if the load is quite balanced for low speed. Then if the imbalance is still there, the washer won’t speed up. So the laundry will be much wetter than it gets out after the usual spin cycle.

Imbalance washing machine Samsung
Imbalance washing machine Samsung

The washer can’t balance the laundry load in the drum, if:

  • The items are bunched up or have got tangled;
  • You have little loaded the washer: one or two items are there;
  • You overloaded the washer.

The error code usually appears at the 9th, 7th, or 3rd minute before the end of the washing cycle. Before the code is displayed, the drum rotates slowly for a few minutes in one and the other direction. It means the machine tries to balance the laundry load. The timer is paused.

How to fix this error

Unstable leg of the washing machine
Unstable leg of the washing machine

The first thing to do about this error is to check if the washing machine is stable. Perhaps during the previous washing and spin cycles, the washing machine moved slightly. So now one of the legs is in the air.

How to level the washing machine Samsung
How to level the washing machine Samsung

A small gap between the leg and the floor may increase drum vibrations’ amplitude at high speeds.

Video: How to correctly set the level of the Samsung washing machine

Next, you need to check the laundry load in the washing machine and the washing-spin mode:

The loadThe reason for the error code to appearTroubleshooting
One or two items.The washing machine can not rearrange the laundry evenly along the drum surface. The main load lies on only one section of the drum.Load at least 3-4 items.
One big (heavy) item and a few small (lightweight) laundry items.Set the spin speed to 400 rpm or start the washing cycle without spin.
The loaded items are made of different fabrics.Each type of fabric absorbs water differently. So the weight of the laundry items may differ, and the spin cycle won’t go properly.Load the items made of similar fabrics.
Bed linen.During the washing cycle, the items get tangled or get in a duvet cover or a pillowcase.Load no more than 2 kg of the linen at a time. Set the spin speed to 800 rpm.
Overload.If there is a lot of laundry in the washer, it is more difficult to spread it in the drum.Only the “Cotton” mode allows the maximum load of the washing machine. See user manual to learn the right way to load the washer.

Nowadays you can buy a Samsung washing machine with a big drum. The average drum is currently for a 6 kg load. But you can buy a washing machine where you can load 7, 8 or even 10 kg of laundry. Perhaps these washers are more likely to stop the spin if underloaded. Why? They require even more items to make the load.

Sometimes unbalanced loads occur by chance: the washer spreads the weight in a weird, chaotic way. Yet, it is possible to reduce both the risk of imbalance and the amplitude of vibrations. Constant unbalanced loads may cause malfunctions of your washing machine.

Damage to shock absorbers

Video: Replacing shock absorbers in a Samsung washing machine

You can find a shock absorber or a damper at the bottom of each washer, depending on the model. They perform the same function but differ in design. So, the damper does not contain return springs but only a piston and a rod. If you remove the lid and push on the tank, then it should not swing or jump but rise a couple of centimeters up and stop. In this case, the shock absorbers are in good working order; if not, then, most likely, the gasket between the rod and the piston or the fasteners have worn out.

If a damper is installed, deformation and weakening of the springs to which the tank is attached can lead to imbalance.

To replace them, you need to open the top cover, lift the drum, put something to fix it at the highest point, remove the springs with pliers. To remove the shock absorber or damper, you will need to tilt the body, dismantle the front or rear wall, depending on the model.

Tachogenerator malfunction

The sensor speed (rotation sensor) has its separate error code 3E. If the error code Ub appears on the washing machine’s display, then the rotation sensor is the last thing you should pay attention to in case of this error.

Bearing wear

Samsung washing machine drum bearing

If other manipulations are unsuccessful, the bearing may be responsible for the amplification of sound and vibration. Replacing it is not easy; starting work without a full set of tools is not worth it and without repairing washing machines. To get to it, you will have to dismantle almost all the parts, disassemble the unit completely.

All your actions should be photographed because the unit will have to be reassembled. It is advisable to entrust this work to the master in the service center. Often, the bearing is very strongly set on the drum shaft, and you cannot get it at home. And you can’t knock on it with a hammer. The savings can be $ 50-100, but you can get more problems later.

Displacement and destruction of counterweights

Concrete stone as a counterweight in a Samsung washing machine

To improve the balance, the manufacturer uses concrete stone as a counterweight. Its destruction, deformation of the mountings lead to automatic unbalance; fragments of stone can beat against the drum, making loud sounds. You can center it by adjusting the fasteners or completely replacing the counterweight. Plastic and concrete stones can crack, while metal ones loosen up. They are located on the back of the drum.

The stone must be removed very carefully; having a lot of weight, it easily deforms the tank in the event of a fall. If cracks are visible on the concrete counterweight, they can be covered with a solution of cement and PVA glue. When the fasteners cannot be tightened, they should be replaced with new ones.

Controlling imbalance in a Samsung washing machine begins with the correct operation of the washing machine. Many serious malfunctions are the result of a banal overload, incorrect installation. Of course, over the years, anything wears out and needs to be replaced. Strong vibration and noise should not be ignored, as this can mean serious malfunctions. If time is lost, then simply tightening the bolts and centering the drum is not enough; it is not always easy to find high-quality, original parts, and you have to change the entire unit. In modern models of Samsung washing machines, LED screens are installed, on which the Ub error code (U6) flashes; this will help identify damage without disassembling the case.

Video: Replacing dampers in a Samsung washing machine

What does U6 mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code U6 appears during the spin cycle if the washing machine cannot balance the drum. This is caused by improper distribution of linen, a broken suspension, damaged shock absorbers, a burned-out board. Sometimes the problem is associated with leakage of the stuffing box in the bearing assembly, wear of the drive or motor elements.

What is U6 in the washing machine Samsung?

The U6 - imbalance error. It arises in case of a violation of the operating rules of the washing machine (overload/underload) or a short-term malfunction in the control module. More severe reasons: damage to the suspension and damping components, bearing destruction, erasing of brushes and belt, breakdown of the main module.

How do I fix the error U6 on my Samsung washer?

If a U6 error occurs, add missing laundry to the drum or remove excess. Check shock absorbing and damping elements, drive belt, engine brushes. At the same time, make sure that the bearing and oil seal is in order. The final stage is the inspection of the control board. All defective parts must be replaced.

Author: David Hoover