Samsung washer Ur error code

Automatic washing machines are equipped with self-diagnosis systems. They monitor the operation of sensors and assemblies, recognize faults, and report them using letters or numbers shown on display. For example, Samsung’s washer error code UR means an unbalanced load along the drum axis. In simple words, the drum is loose and cannot pick up the required speed.

Samsung washer Ur error code

UR error: description

Not all Samsung washing machines have the UR error code. UE can be displayed instead for modern models and older washers (manufactured before 2007) – E4. Errors occur during washing and rinsing, but they often occur when the technician switches to the spin program.

This is because, in this mode, the system spins the drum cyclically: first, it starts and then stops when the required rotation speed is reached. If for some reason, an imbalance occurs, the washing machine makes several attempts to accelerate the drum, after which it stops working. In this case, the UR error appears on the electronic indicator.

Using the letter designation, the technician informs about a malfunction that can damage the tank, assemblies, or suspension springs. To prevent this from happening, look for the source of the problem.

Causes of Error UR

It occurs when operating the washing machine is not followed or when internal elements are broken. Start a short program without laundry and detergents. If Samsung washer error code UR is displayed even at this speed, some components may be defective.

1. Incorrect load of laundry

Incorrect load of laundry into washing machine

This is the first thing to exclude. Before spinning, the system automatically distributes the contents inside the drum by slowly rotating it from side to side. If she fails to arrange things evenly, imbalance occurs, and with its vibration and an error code UR. There are several reasons for the problem.

  • Insufficient load. Add more laundry or select a program with a lower number of revolutions.
  • Overload. Remove some of the content so that the weight and volume do not exceed the allowable values.
  • A combination of fabrics with varying degrees of water absorption. Sort.
  • Simultaneous loading of large and small textiles. Manually distribute the laundry along the sides of the drum.
  • Bagless shoe washing. Please take out your shoes and place them on a special cover.
  • Curling of things during spinning. Straighten out the crumpled fabric.

But before distributing the laundry in the washing machine drum, stop the program by holding the “Start / Stop” button. Wait for the door to open. If it does not unlock automatically, disconnect the power supply. There is a special small hose with a plug through which the tank’s contents can be drained in the compartment where there is access to the drain pump. Only after draining the water (if any) can the problem be corrected and the wash restarted.

2. Uneven floor surface

How to properly set up a Samsung washing machine

The UR error can occur when the washer is on a slope. The wrong angle causes uneven distribution of the load – especially during the spin cycle. The presence of springs inside the washing machine can neutralize this problem but at very small angles of deflection of the technique. But if the angle of inclination is large, then they are powerless. Level the equipment horizontally: adjust the legs using a spirit level.

3. Failed control module

Try turning off the power for 10-15 minutes and restarting the washing machine. The problem may be caused by a one-time failure in the electronic controller, which “recognized” the imbalance where there is none.

If the UR error code continues to appear and the drum rotates in only one direction, the control board is damaged and gives incorrect commands. It is necessary to replace the burnt-out elements or completely replace the module.

4. Broken tachometer

Vibration Sensor (tachometer, tacho sensor, Hall Sensor) washer

This element (Hall sensor, tachogenerator) controls the number of revolutions. If it malfunctions, two scenarios are possible:

  1. the drum is spinning normally (for equipment with a direct drive, it twitches slightly), but the UR error appears at the stage of washing, rinsing, or spinning;
  2. the washing machine stops working, after which the self-diagnosis system reports an imbalance.

This means that the RPM sensor has lost control over the speed and needs to be replaced.

5. Worn bearing

The washer contains a bearing assembly that connects the motor, pulley, and shaft, transmitting torque. The smooth rotation of the drum depends on its performance. If it is damaged due to water ingress or wears and tear, the equipment starts making noise, trying to gain momentum (especially when spinning). Error code UR is displayed on the screen; oil stains may appear on the floor. It is necessary to replace it with a new bearing and oil seal. This work is difficult to do on your own; therefore, this problem cannot be solved without calling a specialist.

6. Damaged drive belt

Washing machine drive belt

In belt-driven washing machines, the torque is transmitted by a belt. When it breaks, stretches, or delaminates, the technique cannot reach the spin mode’s desired speed. Tighten it or replace it with a new one.

7. Defective suspension or shock absorption unit

Shock absorber for washing machine

The tank is suspended from the body by springs. At the bottom are shock absorbers that dampen vibration. Samsung washer error code UR may occur if these elements fail. Their breakage leads to imbalance, and rattles and bumps are audible even in the absence of laundry.

8. Deformed brushes of the electric motor

If the drum can be easily scrolled by hand but cannot pick up the required speed when turning on the washing machine, the carbon brushes are worn out. A magnetic field is not created without them, which is very important for the rotor’s rotation. This results in a UR error. To check and replace old elements, you will have to dismantle the motor. This point is rarely the cause of an error, but if you have excluded all the others and no other options are left, you can check this point.

9. Stuck object

This is also rare for the appearance of a UR error on the washer display, but it can also affect it. Namely, some objects got between the drum and the seal; thus, there is a slight imbalance in the washing machine’s drum. In modern models of Samsung washing machines, it is practically impossible for some more or less large object to fall outside the drum, but it is not difficult to verify this. To do this, turn the drum yourself by hand, and make sure that it runs smoothly. Usually, if something prevents it from spinning, then more effort is needed to promote it than usual.

Video: How to Identify if Your Machine has an Unbalanced Load

What does Ur mean on my Samsung washer?

The Ur error is a sign of imbalance. It occurs when the rotation of the drum gets out of control. A common cause of imbalance is the uneven distribution of laundry. You also can not exclude damage to the control module, tacho sensor, bearing assembly, shock absorbers. Wear of the drive belt or carbon brushes of the engine is possible.

What is Ur in the washing machine Samsung?

Samsung washing machine gives Ur error code when it cannot spin the drum. This is due to an imbalance that may be due to non-compliance with the rules for loading laundry. Sometimes it is caused by breakdowns of internal components: drive, Hall sensor, damping assembly, bearing, motor brushes. There may be a malfunction in the control board.

How do I fix the error Ur on my Samsung washer?

Fix Ur error will correct the redistribution of the laundry in the drum. If the error continues to appear, check the drive belt, engine brushes, and tachometer. Make sure the bearing assembly and shock absorbers are in order. Replace defective parts as necessary. Inspect the control board: it may have to be soldered or replaced.

Author: David Hoover