Samsung washer error code OE

The OE error is not as common as “error SC“, but it may occasionally occur for some washing machine users. In Samsung washing machine models without a display, with a similar error, two temperature indicators, “40°C” and “Coldwater (Cold),” will simultaneously light up, and all indicators of the washing modes will flash.

Samsung washing machine error code OE

What does the OE error code mean?

In a Samsung car, the OE code means a water overflow error. The washing machine receives a signal from the level sensor (pressure switch) that there is more water than is needed for the selected program. Therefore, the machine stops washing and turns on the pump to drain the water.
The OE code stands for Overflow Error. In some washing machines, the error code OF may appear on display – this is the same abbreviated version of the word OverFlow. The cause of the error can be both water overflow and incorrect readings of the level sensor – pressure switch.
In Samsung washing machines manufactured before 2007, the water overflow error appears on display as E3.

How to fix OE error, causes

How to fix the OE error and its causes on a Samsung washing machine

It is important not to confuse similar problems: when equipment is constantly pouring water and overflow. Experts explain: in the latter case, the liquid level in the tank exceeds the norm. With a constant water intake without stopping, the washing machine fills in the required amount of water, but it constantly drains it right there.

How scary is overflow? You can find stories about how the machine flooded the apartment and the neighbors below on the forums. This rarely happens because all modern washing machines are equipped with AquaStop protection. It is often located on the water supply hose and blocks water access to the tank during leaks.

Lots of detergents or the wrong detergent is used

A large amount of powder or the wrong type of detergent, for example, for hand washing, will cause copious lather. Foam enters the pressure switch tube and creates excess pressure. Because of this, the sensor sends a high-frequency signal to the control module, and it starts the water drain. And the OE code appears on the display of the Samsung washing machine.
To eliminate the false overflow error due to foam, turn on the spin mode to drain the water completely, remove the laundry and run the machine in rinse mode to rinse the drum. Then, to check, turn on the wash again without laundry and powder. If the OE code no longer lights up, then you have eliminated the cause of the error.

The machine is filled with water from the sewer through the drain hose

How to properly connect the hose of the Samsung washing machine

Very rarely, this is the reason that is to blame, but it is possible that your Samsung washing machine is not connected to the sewer quite correctly. Therefore, water from the siphon of the sink or sewer enters the washer. If there is a large amount of it, the level sensor detects it and issues an overflow error code.

To eliminate the cause of the overflow, connect the drain to the sewer correctly. You can do this yourself or using professional services for installing washing machines. Then drain the water by running the spin and remove the laundry. For a complete check, you can run a dry wash without laundry. With the hose’s correct connection to the sewer, the flooding by sewage will stop, and the overflow code will no longer “pop-out.”

Control module failure

Samsung washing machine main board

The electronic board sometimes makes mistakes and issues a malfunction code for no reason, just like that. You can fix this problem yourself by restarting the washing machine. Turn off the unit with the power button, unplug the power cord and let the machine rest for five minutes. Then connect the power supply and start the wash again. If the code was erroneous due to the control module, then the code will no longer light up.

When a reboot, rinsing from the powder and checking the drain hose’s connection does not help, and the Samsung washing machine stubbornly gives an OE error – here you need a professional inspection of the equipment by a specialist and its repair.

Probable malfunctions requiring repair

There are several major breakdowns due to which the OE code lights up on the display

1. Symptom: After turning on the Samsung machine:

  • immediately displays the overflow error code OE, etc.
  • or without completing the set of water, interrupts the wash and turns on the drain. OE coding lights up on the display

Cause 1: The water level sensor is defective. It has a short circuit or membrane damage. Therefore, the sensor generates a high water level signal regardless of the amount in the tank. The sensor needs to be replaced.

Cause 2: Debris in the tube or the air chamber of the pressure switch. The tube is connected to a high-pressure chamber in the sensor, where a diaphragm with a tip is attached to control the relay. If there is dirt in the tube or chamber, the membrane closes the relay, and the sensor signals overflow even with a low water level. One of the causes of contamination is the wrong laundry detergent with high foaming properties. The tube and air chamber of the water level sensor need to be cleaned.

2. Symptom: Samsung washing machine:

  • blocks the door, does not start washing. The display immediately shows the code 0E
  • or starts draining water at the same time as it is set and writes the overflow error code OE

Cause: The electronic controller (control board) has broken. The cause of the breakdown may be damage to the tracks on the board, a burnt-out resistor (fuse), or a breakdown (short circuit) of the microcircuit. The damaged tracks are soldered to restore contact; the fuse is replaced with a new one. The microcircuit cannot be repaired; the controller must be completely changed. And this is a job for professionals in the repair of Samsung washing equipment.

3. Symptom: The Samsung washing machine fills up a full tank of water in 1-2 minutes immediately after starting any washing program. Then an overflow error is displayed.

Samsung washing machine water supply valve

Cause: Breakage of the water inlet valve. The faulty valve does not shut off the water after the stop signal. If the valve that regulates the water supply to the washing machine breaks down, there is an error code 4E. To exclude that the water intake valve is not to blame for the overflow, it is worth inspecting it.

Attention! In this case, do not wait long for the overflow error code to appear! You risk flooding your bathroom or kitchen with water. Disconnect the machine, de-energize it. Also, turn off the water tap. Then replace the water inlet valve with a new one.

4. Symptom: After starting the wash, water does not collect, after a few seconds, the overflow error lights up, and the Samsung machine turns off

Cause: Open circuit in the water level sensor circuit (weak contact, wire break). The control module receives incorrect information about the overflow due to a wire break in the water filling sensor circuit or burnt contacts. Rodents can often spoil the wiring in cars, especially in private cottages and summer cottages. It is necessary to make a twist to connect the damaged wiring or replace it with a new cable. Burnt contacts can be cleaned and, if necessary, soldered.

What does OE mean on my Samsung washer?

The OE on display is a sign that there is too much water in the drum. Overflow occurs when the washing machine is not properly connected to the sewer, or the inlet valve does not close. A false signal indicates a malfunction of the pressure switch, a breakdown of the control board, or a wire break between the pressure switch and the main module.

What is OE in the washing machine Samsung?

OE error indicates drum overflow. If there is too much water, the supply valve is broken, or a siphon effect is observed due to an improper connection of the drain hose. If the water level is normal, then the error is due to a faulty pressure switch, a burned-out control module or broken contacts between the pressure switch and the board.

How do I fix the error OE on my Samsung washer?

To correct the OE error, check the performance of the fill valve, pressure switch, and main module. Defective items must be replaced. Disconnect the drain hose from the washing machine and reconnect according to Samsung instructions. Inspect the wires leading from the pressure switch to the electronic controller and repair if there are breakages.

Author: David Hoover