Samsung washer error code 4C

Washing machines with an electronic display are no longer a novelty. The information that appears while working on the small screen can be very useful. Indeed, in addition to the wash’s duration and the water temperature, machine manufacturers have included error codes in the program. One of the errors that users often encounter in Samsung washing machines is the 4C or 4E code.

Samsung washing machine error code 4C

Error 4C: description

Error 4C means that the washing machine, for some reason, does not collect water. This is easy to understand: after all, you cannot hear the sounds of pouring water, and through the glass of the drum, you cannot see the flow of water. A 4C error in a Samsung washing machine can occur both at the very beginning of washing and during rinsing when the soapy water has already been drained, and for some reason, the flow of clean water does not occur.

In some Samsung washing machines, such an error is indicated not by code 4C but by code 4E.

Causes of Error 4C

Causes of error 4C washing machine Samsung

The following reasons can cause the occurrence of such an error:
1. Lack of water supply.
2. The filter in the water inlet valve is clogged.
3. No water pressure, no pressure in the water supply.
4. The water supply hose to the washing machine is pinched

How to fix the error

The first thing to do is turn on the cold water faucet and make sure there is water in the faucet.
If water enters the room, but the washing machine does not start the washing process, showing a 4C error on the screen, then it is necessary:

  1. Check the tap’s tightness and the valve through which the water is supplied; there may be a leak. Leaking water is usually the main cause of this error.
  2. Check with what pressure the water is supplied through the hose.

How to clean the water inlet valve filter in a Samsung washing machine

If the water pressure is strong, the reason may be a clogged filter located in front of the inlet valve (the place where the water supply hose is connected). It is enough to clean or replace it and try to start the washing machine again. If the 4C error appears on the screen again, then the matter is in the washing machine’s internal details, which requires a call to the wizard.

How to fix error 4C when there is no water supply pressure at all? In this case, it is necessary to check the water supply hose to the washing machine.

If you failed to find out why the machine gives an error 4C, you need to contact a Samsung service center. Perhaps the reason is the breakdown of the machine’s internal parts, but only a professional can say this.

When the 4C error appears before the start of the rinsing mode, then the steps to eliminate it should be as follows:

  1. Check if cold water is supplied to the apartment.
  2. Disconnect the washing machine.
  3. Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly.
  4. See what the pressure of the water passing through the inlet hose is.
  5. Turn on the machine and start it in the “Rinse and Spin” mode
  6. If the error appears again, you will have to call a specialist in household appliances.

Water supply valve defective

Water in the washing machine may not yet be collected because mechanical problems have arisen; as a rule, this is a malfunction of the water supply valve. The matter may be in the burned-out winding. A valve check is required; this is not difficult; it does not have to be removed. You need to prepare a regular network cable with a switch and contacts in insulation cases for testing.
When the device is connected to a voltage, the valve should open and then immediately close back. If this did not happen, then you have found the reason why the water is not supplied.

Video: How to check the water inlet valve of the Samsung washing machine

You can often find articles and forums that advise you to check the water pressure sensor. But it is for him that Samsung has its own special LC error code. Therefore, you should not immediately spin up the entire washing machine and check the sensor for damage. First, eliminate all of the above errors.

Video: How to Fix: Samsung Washer 4E or 4C Error Code

What does 4C mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code 4C occurs when problems with water intake. It can be caused by external factors: lack of water supply, low pressure in the pipeline, improper connection of the washer to cold and hot water. Other causes include an inlet valve blockage, a clogged filter, or a malfunction of internal components.

What is 4C in the washing machine Samsung?

4C lights up on the display if the washing machine cannot fill the drum with water. This happens for various reasons: due to problems with the water supply, if a foreign object enters the inlet valve, due to the breakdown of sensors and components. The most serious problem is the failure of the main module.

How do I fix the error 4C on my Samsung washer?

To correct the 4C error, you need to adjust the water supply. The pressure in the pipeline should be normal. Also, it is necessary to check and clean the filter, inlet hose, inlet valve. If the mechanical and electronic components of the washing machine break down, the qualified repair is required.

Author: David Hoover