Samsung washer error code 4C

Automatic washing machines with an electronic display is no longer an innovation. Information that appears while working on a small screen can be very useful. After all, in addition to the duration of washing and water temperature, machine manufacturers have added error codes into the program. Let’s deal with one of these errors – the 4c fault in Samsung washing machines.

Samsung washing machine error code 4C
Samsung washer error code 4C

The meaning of the 4С fault in Samsung washing machines

Error 4C means that the washing machine for some reason doesn’t gain water. It’s easy to understand. Thus, you can’t hear the sounds of water pouring. Also, you don’t see water gaining through the door glass. The 4C error in Samsung washing machines can occur both at the very beginning of washing and during rinsing. During the last one, the soapy water is already drained, and the flow of pure water doesn’t occur.

In some Samsung washing machines models, such mistake is indicated not by the 4C code, but by the 4E one.

Reasons for the 4С error code appearance

The following reasons can cause the occurrence of such error:

  1. No cold water in the system.
  2. A foreign object has stuck in the water inlet valve.
  3. There is an error in the connection of hot and cold water. It happens during connecting to the water supply system.
  4. No water pressure and no pressure in the water supply system.
  5. The hose is not connected to the detergent container.


The first thing to do is to open the cold water tap. Make sure that there us water supply.

If there is water but the machine doesn’t start washing, showing the 4C error on the screen, do the following:

  1. Check the tightness of the tap that supplies water. There may be a leak. In fact, water leakage is the main cause of this error.
  2. Check the water pressure, with which it is fed through the hose.

When the water pressure is strong, the cause may be in the filter clogging. It is enough to clean or replace. Try to start the washing machine again. If the 4C error appears again on the screen, it means that the problem relates to the internal parts of the washing machine. The qualified master will fix the situation.

How to fix the error 4C, when there is no water supply pressure at all? In this case, it is necessary to check the water supply hose to the washing machine.

If you can’t find out the reason for the 4C error code, contact the Samsung service center. Perhaps the reason is in the breakdown of the internal parts of the appliance. Only a professional can indicate it correctly.

When the 4C error appears before the rinsing mode starts, the steps to eliminate it are as follows:

  1. Check whether the apartment receives cold water.
  2. De-energize the washing machine.
  3. Ensure that the drain hose connecting is correct.
  4. Inspect the pressure of water passing through the filler hose.
  5. Turn on the machine and start it in “Rinse and spin” mode.
  6. If the error appears again, you have to call a specialist of household appliances.
Author: David Hoover